ThePortableGamer reviews Trackmania DS

The arcade-style, perfection-obsessed racing series makes it's debut on the DS platform. With enough tracks to warrant a calculator to get the right number, ThePortableGamer finds out if it will it take to the podium, or coast to the tyre barrier.

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CrAppleton4239d ago

Awesome looking game! I love racers.. and my DS needs a new racer!

CrAppleton4239d ago

Any word on a PSP version? :)

Kaecyus4239d ago

I'm not sure if there's enough audience there for it. I mean, the DS is rocketing still.

But technologically, it's more than capable. And at much better visual quality than the DS, of course.

But for now, you'll have to stick to Tenchu, CrAppleton. Sorry! =]

Spolodaface4239d ago

I'd love a PSP version... I've played the hell out of this on PC. It suits all handheld mediums so well, perhaps a iPhone version is in the works.

Then again, there's an iPhone version of everything nowadays.

Bloody Apple.

CrAppleton4239d ago

The track editor thing seems like it might be a bit of a b!tch

Kaecyus4239d ago

The only problem is learning how to rotate the pieces and change how high they are. But that's just messing with buttons for a few seconds. You get the hang of it pretty quickly.