Analyst: PS3 Will Beat Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360

Garter predix PS3 over Wii and Xbox 360 in a couple of years

At long last, the playing field is even -- PS3 has now fully launched and there's ample opportunity to take on Wii and Xbox 360.

"They did not have enough of those to launch globally last year," said Peter O'Donovan, principal analyst at Gartner as quoted by BBC News.

"A global launch was their intention. The situation is a lot better now. There is a lot more product flowing out of Sony now in terms of PS3 boxes for Japan and US."

As of right now, there's no question that Nintendo "Wii is definitely outselling the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the moment," explained O'Donovan, but he believes that will change with time.

"We expect PS3 to outsell Wii and 360 in a couple of year's time," he concluded.

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sak5004760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

This is better, rather than paying for crap marketing or let their higher ups make fools of themselves, they (SONY) should pay analysts to speak on their behalf. Although this guys is more of an anal-cyst.

anthonsh4760d ago

I agree, there is very fishy about this article.

brianpk804759d ago

There's no explanation given for the conclusion. None at all. They could have come up with even the most bare bones, "well we looked at this trend and that trend and blah blah blah" but instead they just declare PS3 the winner for no reason. At the end of that article, I thought to myself, "...based on what?"

shortyNZ4760d ago

well i hired out ps3 tonite as its finally been released here and im going to say what i think!

you may not like it but its what i see when i put both consoles side by side

ok so the good is the ps3 IS quiet, its nice really considering my 360 does get a bit loud sometimes
and the bad? its BIG its UGLY i mean its CHEAP! i cant believe how nasty the console is, and yes it attracts finger prints and dust, its like a cheap nasty psp or the old ipods that got all dusty
and the cheap chrome bits where the disc goes in just makes the whole thing look worse
the 360 in comparison is stylish understated clean and modern looking!
the games? i hired motorstorm and RFOM since they are the best the ps3 has at the moment, the guy at the video store said we would love RFOM...ah NAH its kinda like a halo shooter but its just not fun, the bad guys are stoopid and the graphics are awefull and jaggy and the textures? dont get me started they look like poo
motorstorm looks better but where are the awesome particle effects and physics? its not that great at all, but the mud looked pretty cool
but both games looked washed out and faded, like the colour on the telly had been turned down or somthing

how can sony charge so much for the ps3? seriously its not as good as the 360! not by a long shot, in a years time from now people will finally see the ps3 for what it is
the ps3 is only selling because of the hype and im glad i didnt waste my money on it

thats my oppinion sorry if it pisses anyone off but i had both consoles going at the same time and its clear to see the ps3 cant compete

gooner4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

its certainly not cheap it cost sony twice the cost of a 360 to make it.
resistance is great online with 20 v 20 and the billions of weapon looks washed out because it was meant to have a kind of 1940 effect on it because thats around where its based.motorstorm looks washed out......................... hell no its the only next gen game in my opinion that looks good on a sdtv its greeeaaaaaat.
sony charge so much money because they have decent hardware in it that dosent freeze up like a byach or have red lights of death.

nix4758d ago

otherwise you would have commited suicide... damn!!!

but ps3 looking cheap was the lol part. anyway... enjoy your 360 while it lasts. q:

InMyOpinion4760d ago

The daily dose of crystal balling: "The ps3 will rape it's competitors! It will! We promise!"...

Anyone besides me who's fed up with all this talk about who will win the next console war?

Ru4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Yes I am fed Up Too.... Its unfair because the PS3 hasnt been out as long as the 360 so do i Really need to say more?

bullet4759d ago

"Yes I am fed Up Too.... Its unfair because the PS3 hasn't been out as long as the 360 so do i Really need to say more?"

Ya I am fed up also of hearing excuses like this from Sonyfanboys.Has it acred to you that this is Sony's THIRD console??? Microsoft is on their SECOND console which is the 360...So really it would be more fair to compare the 360 to the PS2.

Butt NO..Because we all Know the PS2 look's like Atari compared to the 360. So since that is not fair Microsoft's SECOND console has to be compared to Sony's THIRD console.

Playstation was out WAY before XBOX came out...Need I say more???????

BBsin4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

b/c thats the most stupidest philosophy i've ever heard of when talking about gaming. So by your standards the Xbox would just rape the NES b/c you are comparing the first console made by each company in terms of technology and how games look. Yet the FIRST microsoft xbox wouldn't stand a chance vs NES or the PSX in terms of the quality of games (not even CLOSE) nor will the SECOND xbox ever get close the amounts of games and sales of the SECOND PS2 (the PS2 still sold more than the 360 last month EVEN with "atari" like graphics) . I don't think you need to say anymore, unless you reply with a post saying "that was a joke BBsin, PURE sarcasm".

nix4758d ago

man.. you surely are funny. and stupid too.

then according to you 360 is doing really bad, eh? and why not, PS2 sold more than 110 million consoles (and still selling) whereas 360 has just crossed 10 million.

need we say more!!!!

p.s. yeah.. but you are right on one thing... PS3 shouldn't be compared with 360. PS3 is way ahead! q:

Daytona4759d ago

This is a joke, but I needed a laugh today.

We have 6 or 7 different so called professionals who each pick a different console, one even said the PC would die out in a few yrs., lol, no way that will happen.

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