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OhReginald4444d ago

no its not.... at least for America...

OhReginald4444d ago

i just checked again...its not there.

LostChild4444d ago

It's a single player demo, with a 10min time limit. I just got finish playing it. And I a looking at in now on the marketplace Eastcoast time.

Captain Tuttle4444d ago

I just downloaded it...East Coast US here.

Sev4444d ago

@ #1

It's up on Xbox Live now, and later on today on the PS Store.

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yeswecan844444d ago

I checked the US store and I can't find it lol

Jackel20724444d ago

i saw the quick look for the game over at Giant Bomb. its a short demo but really cool looking! makes the frost bite engine look like kiddie stuff.

interrergator4444d ago

i have qore and got the demo and i like it im pickin this one up for sure everythings destructible

GameGambits4444d ago

Most people are nay sayers to this game around the net till they play the demo themselves. If you aren't even remotely interested it's still worth your time, because you will come away pleasantly surprised folks.

I'm personally going to wait on the reviews to see how the MP fairs in the final product and if it's good then I will make sure to pick up a copy when it releases. Otherwise it merits itself a rental since the SP automatically is lots of fun.

KionicWarlord2224444d ago

But you have a ostrich hammer!

LostChild4444d ago

From what I played on the SP demo just now, I have to agree, it is a lot of fun. My second time playing, I just went around destroying everything instead of doing the mission.

If anyone played, LostPlanet, Fracture, Stranglehold or Saints Row. You will feel right at home with the 3rdperson control movement. It's the melee and weapon lay-out you will have to get use to and that will only take a minute to learn.


i agree, when i first played it, i would say the closes game to it is lost planet. except you don't have the Ackrid, ok the Mechs don't quite look as cool.. but the environments really are fully, and i mean fully destructible.

i think i puts any other game that claims to be destructible to shame.

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IVYvsTAKI4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

so I'll probably like this one too. The others were fun, destroying everything was cool. Can't wait to try this new demo.

By the way, WTF is an ostrich hammer?

The_Zeitgeist4444d ago

From the sound of it I gather they ruined a great franchise.

Pebz4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

An ostrich hammer is exactly what it sounds like; an ostrich (the animal) used as a hammer.

Was announced as an april fools' joke, but then they actually kept it as an unlockable in multiplayer.

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