Halo Map Battle!

A Halo 2 enters its twilight years and Halo 3 looms on the horizon, Bungie is embarking on a journey to determine which Halo multiplayer map is better than all the rest. Through a series of polls you can help crown the ultimate killing ground in our "Map Battle." Get to votin!

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Ru4764d ago

This Is IMPORTANT .... Seriously, With Graw 2 they incorperated the most popular map from the last game ... maybe halo will do the same!?!

jigalig4764d ago

I hope they put more brake able stuff in the new maps

Diselage4764d ago

I do believe they had a poll like this when Halo 2 was on the horizon. Hopefully this time they can actually get the favorites in there, because last time they did admit they made a Hang'em High map for Halo 2 but said with all the crossing angles it didn't look right or some babble like that.

The BS Police4764d ago

is that without fall damge it is not a very good map gameplay wise.

Optimus Prime4764d ago

hang em high is ver good, i loved that map. i would love to see lockout on halo 3, maybe coag.

Drew4764d ago

Hang 'em High
Blood Gulch
Death Island


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