Diablo Gets Another Spiritual Successor

Runic Games seems to have not given up on the ideas behind Mythos. Overnight, it has announced the first details of its new game, Torchlight, a cartoonish action MMORPG. It is set to be published worldwide by Chinese company Perfect World, although no release date has been mentioned.

Accompanying the announcement are two screenshots showing off the game. It is clearly a game firmly in the Diablo mode, as was expected from the large contingent of former Blizzard North employees working for Runic Games. It also has an overtly cartoony art style, which instantly differentiates it from the look of Diablo III, which is the obvious competition.

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lordjord3464d ago

It's a glimmer of hope I suppose - HGL was an ok game I thought; not enough to really suck me in, but given that my hunter (or whatever it was called) picked up epic triple-grenade-firing weaponry almost before the cutscenes had finished did grab me a bit, but I had no friends and get sick of bloody train stations.

I hope their next endeavour fares a little better.