Another PS3 Exclusive Surfaces reports:

"To save you from inaccuracy due to annoying online translation engines, here's what we do know for sure about the Action Adventure Fantasy from publisher Sony: Folks Soul for the PlayStation 3 (which was tentatively titled Monster Kingdom, a.k.a. Unknown Realms). First, the game's set to be released in Japan on June 2007. Second, the lead Characters are named Keats and Ellen. Third, the game is developed by Game Republic, the same folks who developed Genji: Days of the Blade."

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techie5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

Lol sorry. positive. Monster Kingdom renamed...and i'm sure the only reason is, so they can bring it outside of Asia to a new audience. Looks kool.

Violater5239d ago

Shall be opened, and when all the PS3 goodness starts rolling in, the price of the system will seem insignificant compared to the money we will be spending on the all games themselves.

Bathyj5239d ago

I dont know why people get so uptight over $200 when we spend thousands of dollars a year on games.

I'm not saying, its only $200 more get a PS3 by any means. I'm saying, if you want a PS3, dont let $200 (or $100) stop you from getting it. That would be really foolish. All the PS3 games I've bought so far have been 25% cheaper than X360 games anyway. Yesterday I saw THP8 and NFS:C for $AU68 each on PS3 compared to $AU120 on X360.

power of Green 5239d ago


The more eclusives the marrier.

specialguest5239d ago

This game looks very bizzare, yet interesting.

DJ5239d ago

Monster Kingdom's back! Looks pretty intriguing. Now I'm hoping that some news on Coded Arms leaks out soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.