Final Fantasy XIII Rumors Abound!

New rumors have arisen with Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy franchise. First being that Sqaure Enix will unveil a new Final Fantasy title at their party taking place May 12th - 13th. The other rumor is that there may be a new Final Fantasy XIII title and that it could possibly be for the Xbox 360.

Also...Yes it's official, Sqaure Enix has patented the title Final Fantasy Haerasis XIII.

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ChefDejon4759d ago

The odds are that it's an all new Final Fantasy 13 for the Wii. The Wii is popular in Japan, the Xbox is not. There is no way in hell that Square would make an all-new Final Fantasy 13 for the Xbox 360, when they could have just ported a PS3 version over to it. A port to the Wii wouldn't work out so well though. Think about it people.

NoUseMerc4759d ago

That would be crazy to have Final Fantasy XIII on the Wii. I think the only RPG's that would do good on the Wii are cartoon Cell shaded ones. not that I have anything against the Wii, the Wii is not a power machine and cannot handle the graphics seen in the other FFXIII games....

Well, then again there is the Moblie game but thats different.

Sexius Maximus4759d ago

I imagine ALL next gen systems will get some Square love. Final Fantasy IS a great reason to buy a system, and as of NOW (I emphasize "now" because it could change) Squares next MMORPG is exclusive to PC and Xbox 360. PS3 gets XIII, 360 gets MMORPG, Wii may get something.

Here is the original interview:

specialguest4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

When the 360 gets an actual Final Fantasy game, it shouldn't be a surprise. SquareEnix had already stated last year that one of their Fabula Nova Crystallis series will go multilplatform.

Fabula Nova Crystallis series is based on various worlds and different characters, but each game will be "ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos." According to Square-Enix, they all take place in the same universe, but aren't related to each other directly.

There are 4 FF13 series:
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII

The 360 will most likely get one of these series.

Theo11304759d ago

That why i can say, I RATHER HAVE A ORIGNIAL IP THAN HAVE ANY OF THE FINAL FANTASTY GAMES ON THE 360,For gods sake there up to 13.X(

coolbeer19904759d ago

a good news.....i love multiplatforms

NoUseMerc4759d ago

noooooo! Exclusives are what sell counsils. If all games from now on go multiplatform there is no reason for gamers to buy a

Just kidding...cause gamers can find everything with the PS3

-Best Games
-Endless oppurtunity

coolbeer19904759d ago


n4g sucks4759d ago

a 360 exclusive ff13 side story, other than senko no ronde , i think i might have a reason to purchase a 360 elite.. i have not " jumped in" to the 360 scene, yet.. I appologize ahead of time ..but...there is not a single "US" game on 360 that has caught my interest( gears mooovveess toooo slooooow and makes me scream "move b!tch" every 30 sec) but if square makes a exclusive 360 ff13, i will buy the ps3 version, a 360 elite , and the 360 version of ff13. xbox players will most likely do the same thing vice versa. Sorry sony,,my loyalty belongs to square, not you..

PS360PCROCKS4759d ago

what are you talking about? Gears is perfectly paced here's a lesson on how to play the game. Press A and you RUN other than that your constantly fighting so why would you be moving? Your supposed to be behind cover, or maybe the true problem is you just suck at it

n4g sucks4759d ago

xbox360rots...thanx for the lesson poo toe, you told me what the "a" button does!!! ever thought about using that chainsaw???? Why even respond??? just to be a punk???? do you act like so off the internet, because if you would have responded to me like that in "real life" you would have got your lip split...

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