'This is Living' toilet girl helps flush PAL PS3 sales

Previously joystiq said that they've completely given up trying to explain the European PS3 ads and marketing campaign. Somehow the "This is Living" campaign, with its cup-stacking, bike tricks and quirky characters was supposed to move PS3 unit in Europe. Given the tepid response in Europe and

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techie5237d ago

Long term ads...not short term. They are going somewhere don't worry. It's trying to get into our heads...cheeky c*nts. I personally like them. I hate cheap ads. There are also ads showing gameplay, but how come I haven't bloody seen them! Ps. sales in Europe are not tepid.

Drew5236d ago

Sorry deep, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. I can't see these things going anywhere. They're all broken, incoherent, with no relation to anything.

Except the suitcase of money blowing up.

I can relate to that.

techie5236d ago

You gone to the website? It's cool. Anyway I'm not sure what these ads are about, but there are more general ps3 ones.

I actually havent seen any here in the UK...prob not watching enough tv.

calderra5236d ago

Yes, a suitcse of money blowing up is a perfect advertising method for PS3.
"Here's your lifesavings."

[/sarcasm off]
It would be hard to think of WORSE advertising for a console than what Sony's done so far. How about the "mypsp" fiasco that blew up all over the media? Or how about executive quotes like "We could sell the first 5million units without games"?

techie5236d ago

how do we even know it's for the console? there are the ordinary ps3 ads. maybe they have something up their sleeve

ASSASSYN 36o5236d ago

Sony PR PwneD themselves.

TheMART5236d ago

Sony clearly needs a new PR company to help them.

MS on the other hand knows how to steal thunder with clever marketing, like the 360 Loveboat @ the PS3 launch in Paris. Or the waterballoonthing in Australia.

Sony isn't doing well with their adds, a quick reminder, also the Black&White PSP campaign they failed with... Well at least they're consistant with the products they make. Failures all around

VirtualGamer5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

The offical site for "This is Living" brings all of these odd bits into a much more interesting advertising campaign which makes alot more sense then when they are viewed as stand alone ads.

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