No zombie slashing party?

Gamefront read the new OXM magazine and have some terrible news. There will be no multiplayer option in Capcom's upcoming game Dead Rising. This still remains kind of a rumor because it's not officially confirmed by Capcom, but OXM is pretty reliable. This means no party at the mall with your friends trying to stay alive while hordes of undead mother-in-laws or annoying little brothers try to eat your juicy heart.

This means no party at the mall with your friends trying to stay alive while hordes of undead mother-in-laws or annoying little brothers try to eat your juicy heart. Besides this party pooping news I've got a couple of boxshots for the game. They Look pretty cool, but even these pictures won't cheer me up knowing that the game won't feature multiplayer slashing.

bernie6451d ago

That's not news, we've known that for months?

Cyclonus6451d ago

MP in a game like this is a no-brainer(no pun intended), IMO.

The SP is suppose to be very short, too. It better have TONS of replay value, or its a no-go for me.

benihya6451d ago

Not every game need multiplayer.
I have xbox live but I only used it 30% of the time I am playing.

G_CodeMonkey6451d ago

I must've had my head up my butt, but I missed the no MP -- this is turning into a probable rental if its not in there...

Qofthedead6451d ago

Man,you know how hard it is to develop a multiplayer for a game like this, with all those zombies,AI stuff like that. It doesnt really matter that it has no multiplayer, it should still be fun non the less.

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Underpants370d ago

Shame loved the Dead Rising series. Even enjoyed 4 but not sure why they removed the campain co op.

TheColbertinator370d ago

A zombie lover like me will always wait for a new Dead Rising.

hotnickles370d ago

Dead rising 1 was one of my favorite games back in the day. I never got into the others like I did DR1. DR2 was ok but 3 and 4 were kinda lame.

Kakyouin369d ago

Absolutely agree with you 100%. 1 was A MASTERPIECE even though it had several things that were not that good. But still a very solid title. And the ending was EPIC.

hotnickles369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I agree. I’ll never forget grinding the zombies in the parking tunnels to get the mega buster weapon. Its uniqueness will always stand out to me and is high up on my all-times.

MasterChief3624369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

When I got over the rather bland art direction of Dead Rising 3, I actually fell in love with that one. Dead Rising 4 on the other hand.... :(

It's a real shame the Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha DLC isn't available on PC. It was one of the best DLCs I've ever played, it was so fun! But alas... I no longer have my Xbox One :(

hotnickles369d ago

I should give it another try on the newer Xbox controllers. I remember jumping over to the Xbox controller was a big peeve for me. I loved the 360 controller and dead rising was one of my very first games on it. The Xbox one controller felt cheaply and loose and it bugged me. I don’t feel that way with the series x one.

Kakyouin369d ago

Never played 3 or 4 but I read they weren't the same. As for 1 I guess the character played the "path of the hero" so well, no other title could keep it up with. 2 had to have another instance with Frank. And that's what I loved about the first: Frank was a good for nothing and still was the hero. He was not funny, he was not the hero everybody wanted. He was just there "for a good story". And the psychos..... my goodness!! Adam, the snipers, the three prisoners on the garden, the cult! MY GOODNESS!

Nebaku370d ago

Good Riddance. Capcom Vancouver's entries are a big stain on what was a great, charming game series.

The ideas shown here are the pinnacle of their ineptness. Yeah, let's remove items on the ground, a core mechanic to the franchise, and one that people would show they still love in BOTW 2 years later.


Dead Rising Is Proof That Sometimes You Shouldn’t Listen To Feedback

TheGamer Writes "Dead Rising first burst onto the scene 16 years ago. At the time the game was a groundbreaking technical achievement, and a great showpiece for the then-new Xbox 360 due to how many zombies it could cram onto the screen at once. However, it was more than a mere tech-demo. Dead Rising captivated fans with engaging gameplay that allowed you to use almost anything as a weapon, packing that choice with unique bosses and an iconic protagonist in Frank West."

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457d ago
RavenWolfx457d ago

I loved DR1 and 2. 3 was pretty decent, but 4 was just bad.

traqueia457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I definitely agree.

What I always found amazing in DR1 was how it was a survival game first and a sandbox game second, and not the other way around...

Your weapons were resources for specific situations, and you always had to juggle your resources and plan your runs... "I'm gonna get two X weapons on this store for hordes and then I'll get to that other store and get Y weapon for Z boss".

Although the trend of combining weapons that started in DR2 and so on was fun, it removed that layer of strategy and streamlined the series too much by catering to the "it's too hardddd :((" crowd, since you only had to focus on crafting the same 2-3 kinds of strong weapons and you're good for the rest of the game...

shinoff2183457d ago

This was one of the games I got an Xbox 360 for back when. Dead rising. Lost odyssey. Blue dragon. Alan wake. Anyway the last 3 didn't disappoint. I thought dead rising was kinda eh. I didn't like the setup or how it played out. It's been years but if I remember right it was some kind of timer during the missions or whatever you wanna call them. Straight turned me off. I never even tried the sequels.