PS3 1.6 update: Background Downloading while playing disc based games

The long-standing rumor about background downloading being XMB-only (and not in-game), has finally been explained. The moment has come for Firmware 1.6 to roll out, and while it's been said that further details about its features will be revealed upon the firmware's release, David Karakker gave a little heads up to Kotaku regarding what background downloading would be like.

Here's the long and short of it:

* You can play games and download simultaneously but...
* only as long as you don't use any other network functionality

What does this mean? You can play games while downloading, but it'd have to be offline. Simple. If you go multiplayer or use any other PlayStation Network function, the download will automatically pause. It will resume (without any lost data) after you're done online.

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techie4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I'm surprised noone has said anything about this. 1.6 updaters confirm? What's the deal with BD?

Maybe it's not...I don't know! I just want someone who has it to tell me now! lol

GaMr-4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

So title it. "Playing Games From Blu-Ray During BC Downloading Confirmed"

techie4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Yeah I know GaMr but that was before it was released like...and it said similar...and it said "games", which left it open to HDD games - and I was sceptical right, and nothing has destroyed my sceptism, except reading it here...anyway if this isn't posted that's fine, but at least someone say "yes you can play any blu-ray game and BD at the same time"

Bad_Karma - Result!

Bluprint - Nice.

See people don't tell us these things! How are we meant to know?

Bad_Karma4323d ago

Just downloaded Gran Turismo HD concept while playing motorstorm with no problems what so ever .

wildcat4323d ago

I started some movie trailer downloads and played Resistance and they were all done when I finished playing. So yeah, it works.

The Snake4322d ago

Does it work when playing BC games? On Xbox Live when you play BC games it logs you off XBL altogether unless you're playing multiplayer, which is the one time you wouldn't be able to download in the first place.

Torch4322d ago

background downloading DOESN'T appear to work when operating a DVD (haven't tried Blu-Ray, but I assume it's the same result), nor does it appear to work while [email protected] is active.

It DOES work while viewing images.

Haven't tried while playing music, a BR/hard drive-based game, and can't recall whether it works while playing video from the HDD.

techie4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

torchy!? the guys above say it does!?

Yuuh nothing online. You cant do anything while folding anyway.

I believe you on the DVD and I'd also believe you on BC games...but Blu-ray games, guys are saying they can play motorstorm etc...that's right, right?

Torch4322d ago

I intentionally started dl'ing 2 movie previews...quickly started DVD.

Throughout entire movie, no activity from wi-fi light. upon stopping movie, wi-fi light resumed and dl completed eventually.

Will try again...would love to be wrong.

BTW: Sorry for "I Am Sam"-like message...typing on PSP...would give left testi for REAL keyboard right now!!!

Bebedora4321d ago

I have played Enchanted Arms and F1 demo and the Resistance demo and some Motorstorm. All downloading in the background worked just fine. ...Yes, I do have a PS3 now. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.