US PlayStation Network Store Offerings

The PlayStation Network Store has been growing quickly since it launched and we've been quite surprised by the quality and quantity of updates after a fairly slow start. However, things seem to be changing and the content is beginning to ramp up.

The article lists PSN content updated from 3/22/07.

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CyberSentinel4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Charge for all the games that are NOT backwards compatible. You will make a killing.

overrated4760d ago

how about get your head out of your inbread @ss and stop being a little 360 cUnt plz.

CyberSentinel4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Make a new account, so at least you can reply back at me. Here's a suggestion -Overrrated since this will be your third account.

@ER1X Microsoft never promised 100% backwards compatibility, Sony did.
Think before you type.

ER1X4760d ago

Think before you speak, please. :)

kamakazi4760d ago

overrated leave MS cyber monkey be. his so called insults do nothing but make him look foolish.

Bad_Karma4760d ago

How about comparing PSN store in a years time to what XBL marketplace has now ? thats a true comparison .

The Snake4759d ago

A fair comparison, perhaps. When it comes to a "true" comparison, you look at what it's competing against NOW. Consumers aren't going to wait a year after something comes out on XBL before they download it just because that would make it fair for Sony. Current time comparison is the only true comparison.

GaMr-4759d ago


The Snake4759d ago

Yeah I just replied to the other one and then realized this one had more comments so I came in here instead.