"Battlestations Midway" Merges RTS and Action Games; Could a New Sub-Genre Be Far Behind?

Pieced together like an RTS but designed to be a third-person action game, Battlestations Midway is one of the year's standout titles.

See those planes? You control them. When one dies, you're automatically converted to the next. But you don't have to wait for one for one to tank before moving on – you can switch between any plane, ship, or submarine available at any time. It's unprecedented, and it looks fantastic.

To learn more about this anticipated title, GameZone Online spoke with Botond Szalacsi, Lead Designer at Eidos Budapest.

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Cyclonus5812d ago

any gameplay videos of this game in action ?

Moostache5812d ago

Those are some pretty sweet screens...I would love to see this in action too...

Asylumchild5812d ago

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