LOL: "God of War Live Action TV"

A website has surfaced on the internet based on the characters of "God of War". You can select 2 combatants and watch them duel in out in a live action arena. Although quite a amusing we should "pray to the Gods" this is not a prequel to the upcoming Movie.

Note: Check out Zeus.

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specialguest4761d ago

This is pretty funny and very creative web design wise too. Being a web designer myself, I've always wanted to design something like this, but my skills are not quite there yet.

nix4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

gamr, you filched my 15 minutes of fame.... lol! q:

had posted the same story 10 days back but no one bothered to approve it.

i guess everyone was busy playing GOW2. q:
by the way it was tipped by niero.