Would FFXIII going multiplatform move 360s in Japan?

Ever since Capcom announced Devil May Cry 4 was going multiplatform, various gamers across the Internets have found themselves questioning the exclusivity of other big name PS3 titles; Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4. Of course, with SCE France's president recently saying FFXIII's exclusivity is under discussion, though possibly taken out of context at best, even more gamers are starting to believe that Final Fantasy XIII may just go multiplatform. Of course its obvious that Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform would bolster huge sales in the West since the Xbox 360 has a bigger install base in the West; but for the sake of speculation and even self-interest and hypothetical analysis, would Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform move 360s in Japan?

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Silver3604758d ago

But FF13 being on the 360 would be the only reason for me to try it. The series was done for me after 7. None of the others can recreate that love. Maybe good for the 360,but I don't think it will help much in Japan though.

CyberSentinel4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

You must remember the PS3 in Japan is the cheapest it is in any other part of the world. Taking that into consideration, along with the fact that many merchants(Japan)are already selling the system at a price less then the msrp, with package deals, add ins and sales, I believe many japanese gamers will still remain loyal to Sony. Lets face it, THIS IS THE TYPE OF GAME THEY WANT TO PLAY! Now a FFXIII/X360 EXCLUSIVE, would be very interesting.

ASSASSYN 36o4758d ago

I don`t care about japan I am in the U.S. I only care about games coming and selling in my country.

Lex Luthor4757d ago

same here but replace america with england

fjtorres4758d ago

Won't make a difference.
Japan is Nintendo country right now.
They'll never buy an american console as long as *one* local manufacturer is still standing.

Says you4757d ago (Edited 4757d ago )

Doesnt mean that Final Fantasy XIII will go to the XBox 360 when its a PS3 exclusive and plus like theres any good games in america when technically all of the XBox 360 games are FPS. XBox 360 is just going to get boring considering it only offers FPS and thats it

yeah Funky Town_TX well do you see more RPG games on the XBox 360 I dont think so when considering theres more RPG on the PS3 than XBox 360 you would have to be blind to think that theres alot of RPG games on the XBox 360 considering its more of a FPS and the PS3 is more of RPG

It wouldnt help in Japan RuJoshin you would have to be that retarded if you think thats going to help and plus Final Fantasy XIII couldnt even run on the XBox 360 when the PS3 can handle the graphics they would have take off alot of the details on Final Fantasy XIII and plus the XBox 360 since it cant handle the graphics Final Fantasy XIII is more of CG game play and Lordimus that isnt enough RPG on XBox 360.

Funky Town_TX4757d ago

360 only has FPS. The best game on PS3 is a FPS right now. But once you are a fangirl it's okay. FPS's sale good on the xbox because of live. FPS's are like the best game to play online. FPS's take the most advantages from xbox live. There are lots of non FPS games on the 360. This is the same for the PS3. I'm not a Japanese games player so I don't care for Capcom, Square Enix or what ever. BTW, Gears of War is not a FPS it is a 3rd person shooter more like a actions game even. Rainbow SIX vegas COD2, COD3, PDZ, and Quake are FPS's.

Boink4757d ago

if you think it only has fps's, you really should look a bit closer...

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The story is too old to be commented.