Wii Conspiracy Roundup

The Nintendo Wii was released on November 19, 2006, nearly four months ago. Got one yet? Of course you don't. And don't go looking for one, either. Unless you've got an insider at a gaming store or the tenacity to call one every day to inquire about their next shipment, you're not going to get one soon.

Yet the Wii is a gaming phenomenon and, unlike the Playstation 3, includes no technology of note that hasn't been around for many years.

So why aren't we soaking in Wiis? Have a look at some of the conspiracy theories on the Internet, strictly for your amusement:

First there's the obvious, that Nintendo is artificially keeping supply low in order to keep demand high throughout 2007. That would make sense if Nintendo was charging higher prices now. But it isn't, and so it's losing out on millions every week by failing to fulfill demand and possibly losing sales to other consoles.

Also popular: Big box retailers are hoarding them for big sale days. The idea is that if they advertise Wiis on the weekend, they'll get big traffic on those days and sell lots of paper towels and Pokemon junk (specifically mentioned are Target and Toys R Us). I can't speak to this, but it sounds plausible at least.

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