The Outfit Updated on Live

Fans of the acclaimed action-strategy game The Outfit are getting all-new Destruction on Demand in today's Title Update for the Xbox 360, which will be automatically applied the next time users log into Xbox Live. In addition to improved multiplayer performance, this Title Update provides the following enhancements:

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Asylumchild6180d ago

Thank you so much Im happy MS is looking out for the little games that more people should play once again THANK YOU!!!!!

PS360PCROCKS6180d ago

this is awesome their doing the speed thing for bad connectors that ruin live.

Asylumchild6180d ago

o great now little 13 year olds get to cheat and get the medals when I acually had to play hard to get mine GREAT JOB with the fOCKING CUSTOM RANKED MATCH are u high or somthing what were u thinking i mean fock come on man you jsut ruined a good focking game

Asylumchild6180d ago

Ok i play The OUTFIT a good amount and never have seen this "KING" guy online. ok well today when the update caim out it fixed s othat people can jump in the same room with their friend and cheat to get gamerscore. I ended up in a room and I thoguht it was cool now I could play with this high gamerscore player well he kicks me so I went back and just asked If I could play with him and so he kicks me So then i relised after looking at hes gamercard that he was destroying this other player the same guy everytime. After about 5 games that i kept checking his gamercard I relised he was cheating ST KING plays games and he also cheats on them thats how he gets so much gamerscore hes got a bunch of buddys in his house playin off the same name all cheating geting achievments HE DOSE NOT DESERVE TO BE THOGUHT OF A GREAT GAMER!

P.S. If you read this ST KING your gamerscore dosent mean you can beat people online it just means you waste your time and your friends time on tryin to get high gamerscore
I would like to play you on CALL OF DUTY2 or THE OUTFIT and well see how mighty you are.

Marriot VP6180d ago

ummm, tell this to the XBL staff, not us. I know your frustrated and I've been too but this isn't the place.

Asylumchild6180d ago

yo paul cerula thank you!!!!! whats your gamertag?