Diabetes Game Developed

Game Equals Life has officially announced their first project, The Magi and the Sleeping Star, a health education game aimed at adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes.

MSS will teach players how to better manage their condition through interactive gameplay and story-telling, according to the developers. It is a 3rd person action adventure game that sends players on a quest during which healthy blood sugar must be maintained in order to achieve success.

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Leord4974d ago

Wow, it doesn't actually look horrible...

Dorjan4974d ago

I wonder if they will have a message of "Eat like PacMan and you'll be sorry!"

Leord4974d ago

Lol, you sir are evil :)

Om nom nom.

Cogo4974d ago

Oh, I see, because he eats lots of sugar cubes.

Funny. No really. Funny!

/sarcasm off

Dorjan4974d ago

What the..? I wonder if this will actually... work!?

Maticus4974d ago

I don't normally think educational games are any good but this seems like a really good idea. Will it appeal to people without Diabetes though?

Cogo4974d ago

I think the game mechanic is similar to "eating" or "sleeping" in games anyway. It's a great way to just make it more of a natural aspect of the game.

I think it's a great idea, and I know quite a few people with Type 1 diabetes.

King Klear4974d ago

Hmm.. it reminds me of the asthma game I read a review of on SomethingAwful recently... educational games should be stopped, but maybe it will be good. We!ll see

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The story is too old to be commented.