Virtual worlds become a billion dollar industry

Home, Second Life, World of Warcraft. Which all of them have in common? All of them have seats in a billion dollar industry theatre.

"London (England) - Games like World of Warcraft and Second Life have pushed the market for online gaming to a billion dollar a year industry, according to an independent study conducted by Screen Digest.

The figure, which does not account for digital money conversions, mainly includes the price of subscriptions for online multiplayer PC games."

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scarlett_rg5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

Why is there a picture of HOME with this article?

For one thing, the article makes no mention of Sony's HOME.

And HOME will generate such a small amount of revenue compared to any current (or future) MMO applications, that it's not even worth mentioning in such an article (which is wasn't).

Someone please change the picture. HOME has absolutely nothing to do with these numbers, or the article.

HOME is a 3D menu / chatroom. Nothing more.

Says you5239d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

Considering that Home is similar to Second Life only its on a console and there saying that Sony would make billions of dollars when they put that new virtual world that you can play games and sell your stuff online that you make in Home and plus what ever that gamer sells he makes money but that the same time Sony makes money to as well. what are you talking about scarlett_rg never had a real comment considering that Home is going to be part of the billion dollar industry they were showing an example that Home is going to be like second life and World of Warcraft in more of a modern time second life looks like its in the 20 century when Home looks more like its in the 21 century.

HuntingYou5239d ago

that much money...i bet poeple could have bought a real life...and actually get laid

ArmrdChaos5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

Umm...the only mention of the word Home I see in this article it the link at the bottom to take me back to the main where does the line:

"Home, Second Life, World of Warcraft. Which all of them have in common? All of them have seats in a billion dollar industry theatre."

actually come from? I usually enjoy fictional writing but only when it is in the proper context and not portrayed as truth.

Seeing how Home is a souped up version of Second Life I can see where they will get mentioned in the same breathe, but it is laughable to include either in a group with WOW. WOW is a MMO game that has proven itself, while Home is a 3D version of myspace (in general) that isn't even fully online yet. Although I must admit I did enjoy the feeble attempt to spin positive news through use of the transitive property.

2nd Life + WOW = 2 Billion
Home = 2nd Life so,
Home + Wow = 2 Billion

The sole purpose of this post was to infer that Home is part of this 2 billion dollar industry which is far from the truth. Potential does not equal Proven. That is not a direct bash at Sony, just a knock at a poorly represented post.

Scarlett had a totally legitimate comment.

scarlett_rg5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

Meh... the original article makes no mention of HOME (and the original article doesn't have a pic of HOME either).

But still, HOME shouldn't be added at all to an article discussing a Billion Dollar virtual world industry. At least not yet. It may take off and make Sony millions, but I personally can't see that happening. It may be popular to start, but they're going to have their work cut out for them to keep people interested and coming back. I foresee an empty virtual world in time... with everyone just using their "quick menu Virtual PSP" to jump into games, and launch virtual content, or chat with friends. We'll have to wait and see.