Sony pitches new DRM technology "CLEFIA"

A new form of DRM that could stop piracy against all type of media, including videogames.

"Tokyo (Japan) - Sony said it has developed a new block cipher algorithm that is designed to enable "advanced" copyright protection and authentication for the distribution of digital content such as music and images.

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gta_cb4759d ago

im not so up to date with the copyright software. wasnt there some software on previous DVDs that left peoples computers open to hackers or something? just wondering what to expect as they where (i think) told not to put any copyprotection on future DVDs.

Please tell me if im wrong as i havnt had the time to read up on it properly

specialguest4758d ago

Naturally, I don't like all of these piracy protection crap. Then again, I'm a cyber Robin Hood type. Steal from the rich(large corp.) and give to the poor(file sharing with friends and others)