Comparison Video: Virtua Tennis 3 360 vs PS3

The PS3 versus 360 side-by-side showdowns keep rolling out, with GameTrailers mixing those versions of Virtua Tennis 3 together. This comparison may be even more interesting because those versions were developed by two studios (Sumo for 360 and AM2 for PS3). Or maybe that difference makes the comparison about each developer instead of a straight 1080p hardware shootout.

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Imknow14320d ago

I totally see the difference between the two and the secret is going to the tv settings and adjusting the brightness :P Totally see the difference Gametrailers :D

bung tickler4319d ago

these are direct signal feeds. the only time these images are ever on a display are when you are watching them. it has nothing to do with how the "tv is calibrated" they arent taking a camera and playing these things on a tv and recording that. WHY DONT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS!?

kingboy4320d ago

The ps3 version looks more lively

Imknow14320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

You could be right. Cause I just seen a video comparison for Oblivion on the two platforms that shows the PS3 having that same brightness affect. But then again, it's coming from the same website so I'll stay optimistic on this one for now.

peksi4320d ago

How the hell can you compare 1080p games in a stamp size badly compressed video? Gimme a break.

PSN Starfleets4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Let me contrast again?

I think the PS3 version looks sharper and more focused. Looks better.

But it the TV contrast? *rolls eyes*

overrated4320d ago

none because im not a petty gamer and buy into this sought of stuff

Add Me on my PS3


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The story is too old to be commented.