10 video game franchises that "Jumped the Shark"

"Jumping the shark" is used to describe the moment when a TV show sharply drops in quality. But who said we can't apply that principle to video games, too?

Here are several big-name game franchise that, for one reason or another, have ground to a screeching halt.

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The BS Police5811d ago

Goldeneye is the greatest example of this, Goldeneye was th best Bond game and then after that they all sucked!

shotty5811d ago

They forgot the Playstation series. Jokes

Schmitty075811d ago

The last good one, I think, was agent Under Fire. I had a great time playing multiplayer w/ my friends. Nightfire, Everything or Nothing, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, and From Russia with Love sucked badly. Wow I can believe there has been that much of them. No wonder why they sucked.

Legionaire20055811d ago

You list all the corny bonds games except for Tomorrow never dies(PS1) and The World Is Not Enough(PS1 and N64),which sucked real bad!!!! In the world is not enough the characters run like a fireman going through fire. Tomorrow Never Dies was the first third person bond ever that turn out terrible in the end.

PS360PCROCKS5811d ago

anyone notice their all ps2 titles, except 1, lol anyways this just goes to show you that this is what happens when developers make games over and over and over, kinda like alot of the ps3 games

gamerriffic5811d ago

i think the tonyhawk one was incorrect.. THUG1 was revolutionary in the series... it improved greatly from the last one.. and then THUG2 was hardly anything, just spray paint + bmx?

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