PS3 game releases for the week of March 26th

If you are a Tom Clancy fan, you'll have to check out Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the PS3 this week. Or, maybe one of the five new PS2 games will interest you! Let us know what you'll be playing this week.

PS3 Game Releases

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

PS2 Game Releases

Disney's Meet the Robinsons
Made Man
Medal of Honor Vanguard
Metal Slug Anthology
The Red Star

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sumfood4u4756d ago


Torch4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Ahh, that's the next one I've been anxiously waiting for. I guess I know how my EB Games gift certificate is going to end up this week.

Does any XBoxer here already have Splinter Cell? If so, do you recommend it? My cousin claims it's all the rage, but I'd like some more opinions before I take the plunge.

MySwordIsHeavenly4756d ago

Dude...i have SC:DA on PC...and it's freakin' incredible. The multi-player's even better than Chaos Theory! I highly recommend. Oh, and the graphics are a lot better than I had expected. Good luck with's amazing!

Torch4756d ago

I forgot about the good ol' PC...matter of fact I also have Chaos Theory for it; I just picked it up a few months ago for $20 because I always wanted to get into Splinter Cell. Unfortunately, my PC's puny graphics card has a stroke every time I try to run it (I have a widescreen monitor of which it's native resolution is 1680x1050, so if I try to run it at a lower resolution, my only options are 4:3 perspective resolutions (i.e., 800x600), and the distorted image drives me absolutely nuts to the point of unplayability!!!)

Soooo, Double Agent PS3 it is, then!

Thanks for your help.

AngryHippo4756d ago

Hey Torchy, i bought SC:DA for the 360, it's a great game, and one in which i would highly recommend for your PS3. I have just recently bought myself a PS3 with Motorstorm and Resistence Fall Of Man....they are really cool. Lil dissapointed though was expecting more because of all the hype they received. Anyways have fun with SC:DA dude, its great fun.

Whoooop4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

that i was a little bit disappointed at SCDA.. I have it for PC and i was very exited about it, because i LOVE the splinter cell series, but it didn't impress me at all..

Trenchy not saying is not worth it, but i expected much more of the game.. Chaos theory was way better in my opinion...

ONLINE?? i can't comment on that cause i've never tried it online.

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