Gamevideos: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 'Hands-On Preview'

Thoughts on PS3 gameplay, visuals & style.

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techie4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Sweeet. Can't wait. What's the release date? June?

i get my ps3 in June...I'm going to have so much to choose from...and this is the perfect kind of game for me :)))))) (big grin)

zantetsuken4758d ago

It's set for 06/26/07, but the hint at the end of the video was sweet. Demo on PSN before June? Niiiiiiiice!

no_more_heroes4758d ago

its set for 6/26/? THATS MY BIRTHDAY! That is the craziest thing I've ever seen.

The Snake4758d ago

Unless they water down the difficulty, anyone who hasn't played this already will find out what we talk about when we say this game is HARD. I knew a guy who couldn't even beat the first boss on the easiest mode. Of course that was on the original version before NG Black came out with an easier difficulty. BTW in easy mode on Black they'd make you wear a pink ribbon to show that you were playing on easy. Every game should do that.