News from Japan: more Ace Combat 6 details revealed

A new report from Japan's Impress Watch today contains much more detail than what was previously known regarding Ace Combat 6. Although its platform-exclusive status with the Xbox 360 is still unconfirmed at this point, more information regarding gameplay, story, and downloadable content have now been provided.

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ASSASSYN 36o4759d ago

I don`t care if it is exclusive or not the mere fact xbox is getting it makes me a happy 360 owner. Xbox-live play will be fast `N` furious which is Exclusive ability for the xbox 360!

HuntingYou4759d ago

only good flying game i have ever liked was crimson skies. i don't think they ever make them good, but this one does look good enough to here hoping

ASSASSYN 36o4759d ago

Yes I played crimson skies on both the PC and xbox. I think they were definitely good games.

Skynetone4759d ago

Is there ever going to be a must have flying game

i mean theres must have fps / rpgs / platform games etc

id love to see desert strike re-released