Cooking Mama Taking A Part-Time Babysitting Job?

Siliconera: Who would have guessed Cooking Mama would grow into a hit franchise and span games that had nothing do with cooking? Majesco that's who and they're banking heavily on a Mama series.

Gardening Mama, Pet Shop Mama, and today according to a US registered trademark, Babysitting Mama. I think the title is self explanatory. Unlike the Pet Shop Mama trademark Babysitting Mama was directly registered by Cooking Mama LTD and all of their trademarks matriculated into retail products. And, no joke, there is a Cooking Mama corporation too.

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Bnet3433494d ago

No one laugh, but my mom loves the mama games. She loves to cook, so Cooking Mama was right for her. She likes the ones on DS. Funny thing she also babysits so babysitting mama ... damn my mom will become a Nintendo fanmom.