Q&A: Ready At Dawn's Road To Daxter, God Of War PSP

Ready At Dawn Studios is an independent development studio based in Santa Ana, California, and composed of former Naughty Dog (Jak and Daxter) and Blizzard developers.

Established in 2003, the 40-person company is most widely recognized for the critically acclaimed PSP title Daxter, but recently revealed that it is working on its second PSP title, a side story to Sony's successful God of War franchise.

Gamasutra recently had the opportunity to interview Ready At Dawn's president Didier Malenfant about his studio's history, God Of War and Daxter PSP, the technical pluses and minuses of developing for Sony's handheld, and the company's engine licensing and original IP plans.

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BlackIceJoe4317d ago

I think God of War really would be one of the games I think that should run at 333Mhz. Also with Sony knowing that 60% of PSP gamers use there PSP at home why not use the extra power of the PSP's.

Plus if Sony is afraid of the PSP using up more of the battery they could just say play GOW on the PSP and be charging at the same time.

If sony is to allow this on the GOW game I think this could really be good news and help with load times and other things.

Other then that I think the Q&A was good.