PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Mounted Travel Comparison returns to Cyrodiil once again to give you a look at the difference in environments while riding horseback through the countryside.

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ASSASSYN 36o4762d ago

Ps3 once again has blury frames in the background and were is the shade variation on the ground. It is bright everywhere. Poor color. But what do you expect me to say I love the 360 so I point out PS3 flaws.

nix4761d ago

but i was distracted by unending "Loading Area..." messages on 360 and few towers popping up later on the same platform.

now... i'm trying to see the landscape on 360 now.. ooops! "Loading Area..." again.

killasssj4084762d ago


fenderputty4761d ago

The colors are darker in the 360 versions but the detail isn't better. I can see more detail on the castle in the background of the PS3. I can also see the CLOUDS better on the PS3. There's +'s and -'s for both platforms. Jesus these threads are lame and all the fanboyism is lame.

nix4762d ago


"ladies and gamers, once again we welcome you to 'which console is better' series.. this time we'll be checking which console gives off better reflection. now that both the consoles (elite and ps3) are going be black in color.. in which one will be able to see your face and comb your hair before you go out for a date? that is if you have a life."

shucks! more fodders guys!!!

TheMART4761d ago

Funny again

Everything in the 360 version looks sharper, the colours are better my god

The PS3 version came a full year later and still has it's washed out colours. For real it must be something with the GPU, always the same problem with every game. And do go talking about the TV settings because why is that with every single game over and over again? Always the TV on the PS3 settings are wrong?

Watch the trees, watch the buildings, in the distance and up close. The 360 has the best graphics. I find it so amusing and on the same time it would worry me if I was up to buying a 600 dollar console, and one would know that in every single game in the future crossplatform you would get the lesser version

weekapaugh4761d ago

PS3 wins this one but the differences are not big.

InMyOpinion4761d ago

I've seen other comparisons of the two versions and I think the Ps3 version looks crisper and cleaner. Also it had more detail for example on the King's face when they showed the dungeon scene.

zantetsuken4761d ago

Clean your eyes. PS3 had no loading and the while it's not as colorful, its far more detailed.

MissAubrey4761d ago

they got rid of the annoying loading text, it still loads on ps3.

Devastator_oftheweak4761d ago

Your as retarded as your name, I own both systems and must say I love the PS3 oblivion over the 360, and yes I have both versions. The PS3 is clearer, brighter, better detail and very crisp in graphics. Those videos you see are not that great, I suggest going out getting a PS3 and judging for yourself, stop making half minded comparisons of a system you know nothing about. When you grow up and your down sitting on Uncle Bill (gates) lap, come over to sony maybe there will be a "home" for you

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techie4761d ago

I wonder themart. Did you go and look at the eurogamer comparison of most of the cross-platform games? Did you listen to what the site "360fanboys" said about the ps3 version of oblivion? Or are you just seeing what you want to see?

peksi4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Why do you even ask? TheMART is not even trying to be unbias, he just wants to piss off the other side. And people see what they want to see.

I think both versions are 99% same. Differences there are so little that a different television / monitor could do more.