Over 3,500 (update: over 6,000) Sony Fans Boycott Capcom

With the recent announcement of Devil May Cry 4 [DMC4] going multiplatform, Sony fans have started a petition to boycott Capcom products unless the company make DMC4 a PS3 exclusive once again. At the time of writing the petition has over 3,500 signatures.

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power of Green 4764d ago

Capcom replies... yah we know! we will lose a hardcore console loyal niche but we'll make milllllions selling DMC on the 360 to millllions of fans(pinky finger in mouth).

Boink4764d ago

seems to me they would be smarter to be angry at sony for not doing anything to keep their exclusives.

but if you're a fanboy, I guess thinking isn't your strong point anyways.

HuntingYou4764d ago

At this point i don't think sony can do anything about it. theve sold like 2mil, that means every one who owns that 2 mil ps3s would need to buy this game for capaom to break even. that won't happen...and i ain't buying it.
Afew years down the road sony will be able to get revenge on companies that do this.

SEAN16174764d ago

boycotting a game manufacturer, just dumb soo what DMC4 is coming out to the 360, Capcom is nobodies 1st party developer, i loved it when RE4 came to the ps2 gets more people to play the games jeez i am really getting tired of fanboys now, 360 and ps3 fanboys can both just die, no offense power of green and assassin, oh assassyn360

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The story is too old to be commented.