Bungie Weekly Update

Bungie talks about atmosphere and scale in this Week's Update, and of course it wouldn't be an update without a mention of water, would it?

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Violater4762d ago

Hows about some bloody screenshots.
I swear i don't know who is worst them or Killzone

MoonDust4762d ago

"Next week, we’re going to have some very cool content for you, including a new look for the Vehicles and weapons specials we’ve shown you, and an accelerating sense of momentum game. So in the meantime, here's Mie scattered flock of Chiefs."

zonetrooper54762d ago

Damn i really can't wait to play the Halo 3 Beta its gonna good and i know it. I just really want to play the single player game on Halo 3 as its sounds soooo awesome.

gta_cb4762d ago

yeh i really want to play it aswell ... sucks that there arnt any screen shots yet, but we know they (bungie) concentrate on gameplay first then graphics etc, so yeh when they do come out (screen shots) they should be good, and yeh in the article it says like MaVeN iXi said next week :D cant wait!

Rasputin20114762d ago

I cant wait for this fukin game BUT give it time guys...this game will shape up, will rock, and I will dominate.

THAMMER14762d ago

I say bring it.

Whats up with some Halo today. Every one on N4G let me know in the PM feature of the web site if your down for some Slayer tonight. I will set up the match, you guys just bring some @sses to get kicked.

BrotherSic4762d ago

I do love the updates though, more games should do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.