Video Game Consoles Thriving in India's Grey Market

Gameguru's Neelesh Mukherjee's recent trip to one of India's most notorious grey markets proved quite an interesting affair; He amassed a significant amount of detail about the gaming scenario of the Indian country. The findings did not come as a surprise to him because 95% of gamers still thrive on grey markets to fulfill their gaming desires.

The official sales figures for any console may not even be a drop as compared to the rest of the globe but right here in the heart of C.P. it is a different story all together. My survey included four of the main suppliers in the market, all the stuff here comes from another grey market called "Gaffer market" and I went through basically 4 major gaming systems:- PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3 (yes the PS3 does retail here!)...

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mandrake4758d ago

What most of these gray market countries don't realize is that failing to instill respect for the intellectual property of others kills any incentive for local talent to create original ideas and inventions of their own. This would ensure that new products and innovations will continue to originate exclusively from wealthy industrialized nations.

nix4758d ago

only way to stop this is by selling products in 3rd-developing countries cheap. otherwise this will continue without any of the developers, manufacturers getting a single cent.

by the way, PS2 is really big in india. if sony can figure out how much has been sold so far i won't be surprised if the total sale of PS2 crosses 150 million. q:

theagony4756d ago

sony is putting a high price tag on their hardware in these kind of markets, and making profit actually from the hardware sales, just like selling their tvs or camcorders. forexample ps2 is still on sale for 300 dollars.