Sony Just Can't Shake Off Microsoft

The latest issue of the Official Playstation magazine is said to have some interesting comments made from Sony's Kaz Hirai in regards to Microsoft. When questioned about both taking a similar path, he said that they (Sony) just can't shake 'these guys' and they're (MS) going down the path of everything Sony does...

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bernie6592d ago (Edited 6592d ago )

oh, sorry that was Microsoft's idea before Sony's :)

Brooklynite6592d ago

im not saying the ps3 cant fail but if it dosnt man, i hope all u people who talk negative bout sony remember wat u said and dont try to kiss a$$ if sony is in the winning.

i still respect sony for the two great consoles they delivered. yall must of forgot thAT

Chronical6592d ago

Kai harai or whatever is such a DumbA$$. its like that anoying kid you knew in school that kept on stealing other peoples thoughts and ideas and saying its there own. in reality its the other way around. when MS looks behind they keep seeing Sony Stealing there ideas.
And that part when he says it was lauched to prematurly. Thats BS. there still not sure who will win the format war and the more they wait the worst it is for sony. i think it would have been alot better to see the PS3 out now and maybe have an add on for bluray. there wasting time with the whole bluray and movie Sh1t. playstation was considered a game consol and now its a movie player more then anything.


Sony never said it was a gaming console even with the Ps1. Notice when you start the console up it says Computer entertainment System, Yea your a Dumb A$$. Even sony says they never said it was just a gaming console, but since I just said that now all the 360 fans are going to tell me they lie its bullsh!t or sumthin, come on reply im waiting

ACE6591d ago

lol!! wake up mate

smell the coffee,,,, sony are well known to over hype there $hit more then any one else so what ever ..

oh and ms copying sony lol what a joke ,,,

i'm not gona waist my time arguing with u so what ever lol!!

i think sony said that just to make sony fan boys happy lol after all the sony mags are for brain washed sony fans lol ....

like i said sony fans are like gold fish ,,, they have a 6 second memmory so they keep for getting how often sony fuk them up the ar$e..


The BS Police6592d ago

This is freaking BS! Sony can kiss my @ss for all I care!

Sony just won't stop spreading there lies!

AIan6592d ago

I am so glad I no longer support Sony. May the PS3 fail...

OutLaw6592d ago

I'm glad you're starting to write with us and I would like to say welcome to the forum.

Optimus Prime6592d ago

totally agree. sony thinks they come up with everything. but i am pretty sure everything they have done, they have copied off of another console

FamoAmo6592d ago

You don't like Sony anymore? When did you decide that? You seem to post Lame on every 360 article.. You must of relized MS has the sh!t this time around. Good 4 u!!

AuburnTiger6592d ago

How can you people hate on a machine before it's even out yet?

Lucidmantra6592d ago

I hate the Kaz guy that guy is such a slug and a worthless waste of human skin. In his mind he thinks that the PS is the only thing that can change the way games are played. He sounds like a Roman Emperor just about ready to take a fall. PS3 won't fail but I hope it gets this guy fired because he is such an ass.

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