Microsoft, Bring [email protected] to Xbox, Will Ya?

Adam Frucci at Gizmodo writes:

"Hey Microsoft! It's me, Adam. Do me a favor, will you? Make [email protected] available for Xbox 360 users. We saw earlier today how awesome the PS3 is at folding, so why not let your sweet console get in on the action?

While 99.999 percent of fanboy fights end up with everyone being a loser (similarly to how they begin), this battle of the consoles would benefit everyone. Xbox users and PS3 users could compete to see who could complete more Work Units faster, determining which console is superior. And at the end..."

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Torch4759d ago

I say do it. It's win/win:

While all the fanatical drones from both sides will have a yet another reason to waste even MORE time by pointlessly bickering and making excuses as to why their console is losing the uh, "folding-war", they'll be cluelessly contributing to a reasearch cause which may one day be the determining factor for allowing them and their peers to continue to mindlessly bicker and make excuses as to why their console is better.

Science is sometimes ironic, isn't it?

HuntingYou4758d ago

the box probably couldn't handle this. im not trying to put it down but the ps3 can just do mare. anyways...pc xbox same difference and look at all the time ot take a pce to do

Boink4757d ago

what a piece of fanboy flamebait to say.

and FYI, there is a spell check.

nix4758d ago

bring it!!! PS3 is getting all the publicity and is feeling lonely at top. q:

Abrar4757d ago

Can anyone explain me what is thsi FOlding all about and how it is releated to the power of PS3........

Kyur4ThePain4757d ago

as it's got nothing to do with gaming.
Stanford is running a simulation whereby they are trying to simulate the folding / unfolding / misfolding of proteins. This is believed to be a cause of cancer. If they can figure out what goes wrong inside the proteins, they could figure out how cancer works and maybe cure it. The problem is, it takes an awful amount of processing to do these simulation calculations. For some time now, PC users could download the application . A portion of the calculation work is then downloaded to the PC and the numbers are crunched when your PC is idle. When it's done, the result is sent back and the next set of calculations downloaded. This means that as more people join in, the can do many more calculations as the burden is spread amongst thousands of PC ( and now PS3s ).

cuco334757d ago

i know i said i wouldn't post here anymore due to fanboy idiocy but being an R&D engineer in the medical field and understanding this as a positive to the R&D world in medicine and people in general ill try to explain it as simple as possible... [email protected] essentially is run out of stanford university as a simulation for protein analysis in various conditions. diseases occur when proteins fold (they constantly do) in a strange way. some like to say they "deform". what this folding simulation software does is it runs simulations on all different proteins, conditions, etc to see what happens when these anomalies happen so scientists and doctors can better understand how disease conditions start and/or possibly take this knowledge to find cures. ps3's cell is great for this being that the chip can easily do multiple calculations (simulations) seamlessly. anything can do these simulations really but the ps3's cell chip does it better/faster since multiple ps3s work together. for anyone who has a ps3, do us all a favor... when not gaming RUN [email protected]! it could help scientists prevent illnesses that you or your kids may come down with
and please... dont spin your brand loyalty on this... we all know the ps3's cell grouped with other ps3s can do this better than almost anything out there.

candystop4757d ago

It would be so freaking cool to have the console that helped cure a major disease! MS should jump on this also but when quantum computers come out i'm sure we will find many cures!

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The story is too old to be commented.