Team Ninja Slams Devil May Cry 4

In a recent interview here was Team Ninja had to say about the upcoming multi platform hack and slash hit from Capcom:

GR: Moving along those lines, have you seen Devil May Cry 4? Do you have an opinion on it?

YH: I have seen Devil May Cry 4, but it's basically a totally different philosophy from what we do. If you look at their trailer that they have online, you'll see that none of the enemies attack you. None of the enemies attack whatsoever. That's a game where the enemies only exist to provide a target for all of your combos, and they don't really do anything else. For us, we're a combat-action game; our enemies are alive, they think, they attack you, and if you don't actively defend yourself, you're going to die really quick. So it's a basic difference in philosophy. We're an action game, they're kind of a "let's see how stylishly we can show off these combos and get a high score" kind of thing. So if the people playing think that's stylish, then more power to them."

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OldSchoolGamer4764d ago

Never really paid much attention to it, except now that I think about it after reading it DMC always had enemies that may target you but its not until you either enter range, or attack them. In Ninja Gaiden, they would ambush you, hit you from far away, and make unique attacks. DMC seemed more pattern based to win for sure. Both are fun series, don't get me wrong, just a good observation.

Rasputin20114764d ago

I never actually thought about it untill now....nice observation.

Black Republican4764d ago

"Ya'll can have DMC".

You also will still have DMC, and of course we will too.

We have also had Ninja Gaiden for YEARS, the PS3 version has 3 extra great chapters and new enemies and new weapons, you can have two weapons at a time may I add : )

We are also getting Ninja Gaiden 2 which will be great, I do not know if it will come out for PS3 if so, it will be great because Ninja Gaiden is an awesome game : )

great gaming for all & cheers

Thugbot1874763d ago

Don’t be a hater it still must hurt the Sony fanboys to loose DMC4.

If you really most know most of us never considered this game a system mover.

MySwordIsHeavenly4764d ago

No...definitely not true. DMC3 was freakin' INSANELY hard! Enemies attack you like crazy. If you don't attack, you'll die in a matter of seconds. One hit in Dante Must Die mode...and ur gone. ENEMIES ATTACK FROM FAR AWAY IN DMC TOO!!! Have you guys even played it?

I love both series', but DMC's obviously better!

shotputking4764d ago

one very distinct difference that i noticed about these games is the difference in how they handled the higher difficulty levels. in ninja gaiden, the enemeies seemed to fight better, more intelligently. in black, there were even different enemies on each difficulty level. it provided for extra playthroughs that were just as enjoyable as the first...
but devil may cry just increased the damage done by enemies, and the enemies amount of life. bosses got to the point where you had to land a good, 300, 400 hits... but they didn't fight any different. just a lazy way to handle the higher difficulties, i always thought.

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The story is too old to be commented.