Mysterious God of War Countdown

IGN.COM reports:

Since its release earlier this month, God of War II has taken over the systems of countless PS2s, continuing Kratos' epic battle against the gods. Fans that tore through the adventure have been eager for any news related to the franchise. Well, yesterday, message boards around the web went wild with the discovery of a mysterious new website,

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Rasputin20114759d ago

Maybe info regarding GOW3??....or maybe the GOW title for the PSP??

MySwordIsHeavenly4759d ago

COME ON MOVIE!!! I know it can beat 300!!! haha...not likely, but I can hope! I really want a 3rd game though. It's gonna have to fight with Heavenly Sword, DMC4, and NG:S though...and that'll be TOUGH!!!

Raist4759d ago

During the PS3 launch event in France, there was some guy from a developping company (don't remember which one, but no it wasn't SCE) that confirmed that GoW will come to the PSP. He sounded like it wouldn't be the same game tho. Still with Kratos, but different genre.

Ggame4759d ago

May be God of War 3 ....EiEi ^^"

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The story is too old to be commented.