OXCGN's HAWX Review: Two Views From The Cockpit GrathiusXR - XboxOZ360 review the game

OXCGN Writes:

Come fly with me, come fly…well unfortunately you wouldn't want to do so because then you'll be in for a less than average thrill ride. And it's not because I'm a sucky wingman either…

HAWX (High Altitude Warfare Experimental) is a game by Ubisoft and part of their infamous Tom Clancy franchise which over the years has provided some great games. You know the ones I'm talking about… Rainbow Six Vegas, Splinter Cell, GRAW 1 & 2, EndWar etc..

gaminoz5420d ago

It was a good idea to have 2 reviewers look at this game. It is pretty detailed: I've decided I can go without after reading it.

Superfragilistic5420d ago

It would've been ice if they averaged their scores. the Oz guy may have given it 8.2 but the other guy gave it 7.5. WTF?

darkmurder5420d ago

Its a pretty awesome game and the reviews are spot on I reckon!

Immortal Kaim5420d ago

If I could find a flightstick I might pick this up. Anyone know where I can get one from in Aus? Or even oversea's?

XboxOZ3605420d ago

Madcatz Australia through HES (Home Entertainments Systems) ar ebringing in some PC, PS3 and 360 Flight Sticks for this game and other flight games in June or late May.

We will keep everyone posted on news. You can pick them up in the US but freight might be expensive. Also try Play-Asia or CDWow (UK) . . . here's a link showing the units I'm talking about.


OXCGN will be doing a review on them when they arrive.

Immortal Kaim5420d ago

Thanks for the info mate, might wait for your review then and pick it up when it comes to Aus. Cheers

Godem5420d ago

if only I liked flying games.. :(

XboxOZ3605420d ago

I do love them, and while there were some sections that werre painful, and needless, the game overall is well worth it, IF you are into the genre. If not, then steer clear and grab things like Battle Over The Pacific etc.

GrathiusXR5420d ago

d some sections were way to painful for me to play through just got to repetitive for my liking.. and was way to easy

XboxOZ3605419d ago

Most flying and racing games are repetitive by nature . . same track, same sky, same situation. It's about refining your moves and getting better at it. Using different planes outside the recommended ones makes it more difficult and gives you less firepower, and you need to use your wingman to help.

But not everyone likes flight or racing games . . . it is a special genre and requires a certain level of involvement that some players find boring or lackluster.

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