31 Titles announced for Japanese 360 owners

As news continues to flow in from 1UP's coverage of Microsoft's Japan Spring 2009 Title Preview, it has been revealed that 31 titles were announced at the event, specifically focused on the Japanese region. With 1 million Xbox 360 consoles sold so far in Japan, Microsoft are doing a 1 million point promotion for the region.

Some stand out titles shown include Namco Bandai's Magna Carta 2 which is due out in Japan on the 6th of August, Tekken 6 which has a tentative release of Fall 2009 and Lost Planet 2, which is touted as having 4 player co-op.

gaminoz5472d ago

Interesting to see if more 360s are sold in Japan as a result of these games being announced, or if they'll have to wait for them to be released first?

Unbiased15472d ago

How many of those ar exclusives? Nice to have 31 games but if 30 of them are on PS3, than we all know on what sstem Japanese will buy it.

MURKERR5472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

as history has shown in the land of the rising sun multiplats sell far far better ps3.

AAACE55472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

I guess the 360 just won't quit in japan. It will be interesting to see if these games help move more consoles. We should get at least 5 of those games in the US and other areas.

Unbiased15472d ago

They should not quit, why? There are still 1 million people with that system, would feel bad for them if MS bailed out on them. So i want to keep them fighting, it is also good for competition

Rock Bottom5472d ago

From the 31 they mentioned Magna Carta 2, Tekken 6, Lost Planet 2, Bayonetta which have already been announced a LONG time ago.

Also no Lost Odyssey 2 yet?!!! :(

Tony P5472d ago

Took this list from destructoid for those who prefer reading over the video:


Magna Carta 2 (Namco Bandai, August 6 release)
Tekken 6 (Namco Bandai, Fall 2009)
Lost Planet 2 (Capcom, New trailer showed off the game's four-player cooperative; video should be available on Japanese Xbox LIVE Marketplace today)
Dead Rising 2 (Capcom, new trailer showed gameplay; video should be on Xbox LIVE Marketplace today)
Bayonetta (Showed off same trailer, but demonstrated live gameplay!)
Mass Effect
Halo: ODST
King of Fighters XIII
Samurai Spirits Shin (Exclusive to Xbox 360 in 2009)
Lode Runner (XBLA)
Banjo-Tooie (XBLA)
Virtual-ON (XBLA)
Mega Man 9 (XBLA... seriously, this isn't out in Japan yet? What the hell, Capcom?)
O-D Beatdrop (An XBLA game by Arc System Works; pronounced "zero to D"; a rhythm puzzle game)
Space Invaders Extreme (XBLA)
Puzzle Bobble NEO!
Garou Mark of the Wolves
King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match (XBLA in 2010)
King of Fighters+ Sky State (XBLA in 2010, an overhead shooting game?)
Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders (XBLA, already available...mentioned anyhow)
Yosumin LIVE! (XBLA)
Project Cube (Square Enix title)
0 Day Attack on Earth (Square Enix XBLA title, 3D shooting)
Wanted: Weapons of Fate;
Top Spin 3;
Bionic Commando;
MLB 2K9;
Elder Scrolls: Shivering Isles
Gears of War 2

GWAVE5472d ago

I don't get it. Most of those games announced are multiplats.

Sarcasm5472d ago

"I don't get it. Most of those games announced are multiplats. "

Well if they announce their exclusives, it'd be a pretty short list.

callahan095472d ago

Most of it seems like downloadable games, not full releases. Also a lot of them are multiplatform games. A huge amount of it has been revealed or known about (or even currently available in some parts of the world) for quite a while now.

I wonder how Magna Carta 2 will do? Also, what is Project Cube from Square-Enix? Is that another 360 exclusive from them? I'd like to hear some more about it, but I can't watch the video right now...

ceedubya95472d ago

Did I just see Garou Mark of the Wolves on that List? :)

ZuperAmazingCooKie5472d ago

Or games for western audiences. The only "exclusive" for japanese audiences I've seen is Magna Carta 2, and that could end up being just a timed exclusive.

Tito Jackson5472d ago

I would like to see some more games this year. More than what have been touted so far.

darthv725472d ago

exclusive or multi doesn't matter to those who bought one. Games are games.

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leeeeed5472d ago

But it doesn't matter - Microsoft have sort of limply focused on the Japanese market over the last few years, 31 titles could be the new improved push into the East.

Eliminat3r5472d ago

We could use some focus ,MS has already won of the American market now i guess they wanna focus on the worst of the lot being Japan.

But how about they bring some of those NTSC titles to us ! Might help improve sales here?

Who knows..

xabmol5472d ago

I would hate to be stuck down there. You pay way too much and get little to no support.


kaelix5472d ago

but arcarde is 200 D: need a laff?

Capt CHAOS5472d ago

Lol, that video link made me laugh. I'm not sure if the guy inhaled the drugs before he did the video or injected them..

Zeus Lee5472d ago

Disappointed,to say the least :(

green5472d ago

Maybe you did not on an xbox last gen because if you did you will be damn impressed with Microsoft's effort in securing the support of every major japanese dev in developing their franchises simultaneously on both platforms.Last gen we had almost no support for them so right now i am very happy that i don't have to shell out money to buy a new system just because i want some JRPG love.

wanderofys5472d ago

What jrpg love? Magna Carta 2, a sequel to a terrible game? Or maybe Lost Odyssey, a game that brought absolutely NOTHING new to the table? Or Star Ocean: The Last Hope, another game in a mediocre franchise? And if we're just talking about this list, there are barely any jrpgs on it!

Real Jrpg fans are playing their PS2 and DS. Atlus is keeping us busy. Current generation gaming currently has nothing to offer for jrpg lovers. We'll see with FFXIII and Versus, but with the way SE has treated us so far, I'm not getting too excited just yet. Pretty visuals don't mean a thing to me when the game is horrible.

IaMs125471d ago

well from what i have seen what JRPG does the PS3 have that toples the 360?

wanderofys5471d ago

It doesn't have any either. Like I said, whole generation sucks for jrpgs.

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