Why February's NPD Numbers Don't Condemn Sony

1UP reports: "Last week's NPD sales data confirmed Nintendo's dominance at the register in both the handheld and console spaces. The Wii's lower price point pits the most heated (and arguably "next-gen") console war between Microsoft and Sony. When NPD reported that Sony sold just 127k PlayStation 3s in the U.S. in February, it's easy to suggest that the company is in dire straits, but looking at the path tread last year by the Xbox 360, Sony is actually on familiar ground."

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Monchichi0254765d ago

It's funny how they try to compare the two!!!! LMOA The 360's was close to impossible to find in stores till April of that years as demand far outweighed the supply.

This is not the case with the PS3 as people have been able to walk into an store since right after Christmas and pick one up.

And things will only keep getting worse for the PS3 as the 360 will be having a price cut soon and both MicroSoft and the Nintendo will be dropping there heavy hitters this year: Halo 3 and Mario.

gooner4765d ago

really because it had loadz in GAME .ps3 should have a price cut waaaay b4 360.and ps3 has much more"heavy hitters" than ms,killzone,tekken,mgs4 the list goes on

Optimus Prime4765d ago

you mind telling me some more "heavy hitters" of sony. The only great game there is MSG4.
thats a pretty impressive list, 3 whole games that are "heavy hitters"

Lazyman4765d ago

A few more heavy hitters would be games such as heavnly sword, FF13, and little big planet. But thats besides the point if MS did have ample supply of 360's then isnt it possible that for the first 5 or so months the system would have had a great boom then slowly see sales drop? I think it was part of MS's strategy to short supply the 360 they werent in a rush and its MS they have enough money to make ANYTHING happen. They just decided to milk people by limiting how many 360's that were out there, for all we know some of the ebay sellers might have been MS employee's making more money for the company.

Funky Town_TX4765d ago

Unless we are at Sony and M$ calling shot all we can do is ASS_U_ME.
Who gives a "F" who sales more consoles. I don't have stock in either company. Don't try and justify your purchase based on what others do.