Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC Q&A

Fallout 3 ended up being one of last year's best role-playing games, and creator Bethesda Softworks intends to keep people playing it by releasing new downloadable adventures. The next downloadable content (DLC) will come in the form of Broken Steel, a new adventure that focuses on the mysterious wasteland knighthood known as the Brotherhood of Steel. Designer Al Nanes gives us the details.

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Diselage4240d ago

Dang it when is it coming out though!!!

Slime4239d ago Show
TheColbertinator4240d ago

This better be good.I hated Operation Anchorage

Diselage4240d ago

Hey they only have one direction to go. This should be epic.

DNAgent4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

"Fallout 3 ended up being one of last year's best role-playing games..."

Fallout 3 wasn't a RPG. It was a shooter with a few RPG like elements. It wasn't even a real Fallout game and on top of that, calling it the best shooter (or even RPG) would still be wrong. As far as shooters go, last year there were much better shooters. As far as RPGs go, Valkyria Chronicles was the best RPG of last year and it was the highest rated RPG this gen. Plus, Fallout 3 wasn't even good so it can't be one of the best of anything. The game should've been called Failout 3.

But of course this is by gamespot so it's not hard to point out how wrong they are (as usual).

TheColbertinator4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

lol your comments amaze me.

I agree with you that Fallout 3 wasn't really an RPG and that the classic isometric view is what the original Fallout was designed around.However as much as I enjoyed Valkyria Chronicles,it was more of an SRPG combined with some traditional JRPG elements.

On the other hand,I enjoyed Fallout 3 but it had one big letdown that I noticed within the first hour:It was really boring.As interesting as it was to blow up an entire city with a nuke or how addicting it was to collect energy weapons,it wasn't very fun.I have no idea why the reviews gave it ten despite the fact that I enjoyed some parts of it

Mr_Potato_4239d ago

@Steven : I agree, Fallout 3 is completely overrated. It's not a bad game, but it's boring. Some graphics were ugly too (cars, people...) Most overrated game in 2008 (with GTA4)

Megaton4239d ago

It's a damn crime that such an important expansion isn't on all platforms. The others can be considered extra add-on stuff, but this seems like it's gonna be crucial to the main story.

Hoping Bethesda releases one of their beloved GOTY editions on all platforms with all DLC.

mboojigga4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

No it isn't a crime. It is buisness and that is how buisness works. For anyone that wants the DLC get the 360. IF the game was exclusive to the 360 or PS3 with the DLC content no one would be complaining except the famous why isn't this on the PS3 BS. We have moved on from exclusive games to exclusive DLC. Funny how one generation none of this was an issue and all of a sudden the PS3 is not the top dog in gaming and everyone has came out of the wood works that either the 360 has held the PS3 back or developers are not doing enough with the PS3. It isn't crucial to the story it is an expansion to the story. The game that was released on both systems was a complete game with multiple endings based on how you played it. If you don't already have it get it for the 360 then and problem solved but complaining that a company decided to do what was best for them is a crime to consumers is a joke.

Megaton4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

It's a crime to fans of the game who only own the PS3. You can stand up for Microsoft's game-fragmenting DLC deals until you're blue in the face if it makes you happy, kudos if you actually get something for being their loyal lapdog. I'm more interested in the 1 million+ PS3 owners who bought this, and are currently taking it up the backside despite their paid support of Bethesda's game.

This multiplat game fragmentation is utter nonsense, whether I own the console that benefits or not. Treat all your fans the same, don't put some of your fans on a pedestal to look down on the others. We bought your game the same way the 360 owners did.

To be honest, I don't even know why I spent this much time replying to you. I've seen you dump around this site before, I know I'm not gonna get anything even remotely intelligent in return.

Mr_Potato_4239d ago

PS3 si still by far the top dog in gaming, nobody cares about DLC, well not many people at least.

I rather play the best games this gen as PS3 exclusives (MGS4, LBP, Valkyria Chronicles, GT5, GOW3, Heavy Rain, FF13VS, Motorstorm 2, Ratchet, Infamous, Uncharted...) instead of 2 or 3 crappy DLC for overrated or plain bad games.

mboojigga4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

That is funny. Your the one trying to make a point about it being a crime about a da*n video game. Then complain that I don't respond to you. Hell look at your response. The first thing you want to claim is I am being loyal to MS. Has nothing to do with loyalty. I have both a PS3 and 360. I bought the 360 version because it has the DLC content. If you don't have a 360 well that is your decision to not have it. What is contradicting by you and the other fanboys bit*ing or complaining is that if this was DLC only for the PS3 you wouldn't be bit*hing but gloating about the fact that is it is exclusive. Yet I didn't do any such thing. I don't need to brag to anyone on here about what Bethesda decided.

What is funny is that none of the companies can do right in anyones eyes it seems.

If you don't like it don't buy their products.

What? They are supposed to worry about the consumers that already bought the game on the PS3 say they aren't going to play it anymore? You paid attention when E3 rolled around last year. They announced this was going to be exclusive to the 360. No one should be suprised. Again if they said it was for the PS3 only you and other fanboys wouldn't be whining about it being some da*n "crime"

JD_Shadow4239d ago

Dude, quit trying to defend the practice. You're failing hard trying to do so.

We heard that stuff at E3, but that didn't give us the impression that the PS3 version would get nothing. Why do you think that it wouldn't be such a "crime". Are you saying that you WANT the PS3 to be treated like this? If so, then you're not a true gamer.

Megaton4239d ago

You should read the 2nd part of my response. Particularly the part where I said "whether I own the console that benefits or not". Don't know how you interpreted that as "if it was on PS3 you'd be gloating", but hey, not all of us are up to speed on that whole "reading comprehension" thing, right?

If taking a stance against all exclusive DLC on any platform makes me a fanboy, then I guess I'm a fanboy. Who woulda thunk it?

mboojigga4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

First of all I don't need to prove to anyone I am a true gamer. Whatever the hell that even means. Some of you kids take this sh*t way too serious to worry about my opinion on this subject. You care enough to waste a comment about DLC for the 360 that was CLEAR it was exclusive for the system months before release. You got a complete package if you bought the PS3 version regardless if you own a 360 or not. PS3 owners are not getting it in the backside, raped, mauled or spat on. If the game was exclusive to the 360 would this solve your issue? I am not defending any of the companies I am enjoying my life which includes playing games on both systems and PC. I am simply pointing out that the BS that this is some crime to PS3 owners isn't so. If you want the DLC content that bad then get it on the 360. DLC being exclusive to a system is no different than a game being announced exclusive for a system. This is buisness and the best thing you can do is send an email and bit*h at Bethesda months after this game has been released and almost a year since they made the announcement the 360 version will get the exclusive content. You had plenty of time to decide which version you wanted so get over it. I was simply pointed out the flaw that people think this is a crime. No you just want to get on the internet and whine and bit*h. Again contact Bethesda if you feel you are getting raped over this because they won't see your comments here.


Yes I guess posting on N4G is going to help you with this issue about DLC. This post and many others is going to make a difference. In the meantime I am looking forward to the final DLC and more information on the latest game. There is nothing for me to argue with you about. I think you are wasting your time bit*hing on here. If this is the worst thing you have to deal with then I guess that is good in comparision to what others have to worry about or have issue with. So you handle that and I will keep gaming with my systems.
You and others clearly don't look at all the facts or know all the reasons why the decisions were made to make it exclusive. Again go research that or go interview Bethesda if it bothers you that much.

JokesOnYou4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Hate it or not mboojigga is 100% correct. Bethesda made a complete game for both owners, you paid $60 for that content. This *exclusive content was NEVER part of that deal. This content is an exspansion which adds to the original story, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO IT. lol, I can't understand why such a simple concept is so hard to understand.

Micro is simply saying to Bethesda hey our owners like F3 if we pay can you make MORE content for this game?..and obviously Bethesda likes making the game and WANTS the MONEY. If anybody's to blame its Sony for NOT doing similiar deals IF their owners actually want more expansions of popular games **however I don't blame sony in this case because I understand its difference in business strategy, as a owner of both it doesn't effect me at all, but from ps3 only owners I do understand the interest in DLC for games you already purchased, thats natural but at the same time you either have to accept sony has a different business model and be satisfied with your purchase descision OR you buy a 360. Thats it. The world doesn't revolve around one group so how on gods green Earth ps3 owners have come to the conclusion they are entitled to it, is beyond me. NO, its not like they have refused to make more content for ps3, unless there was some offer from sony I dont know about= NO so this is a business deal and thats life in the videogame industry and life outside of n4g.

Many of you call micro evil for such deals but they are doing exactly what they are suppose to do as with any other business. They have a responsibility and neccessity to give current and potential owners MORE REASONS to OWN A 360.= DLC, Exclusives, Live, Price are all part of the total package. You can say that package sucks, ps3 still has the better package, and thats obvious WHY you chose only to own a ps3, so in that case whats to complain about?


barom4239d ago

Honestly, hearing how bad Operation Anchorage and The Pitt was. I've decided that I'm happy that these DLC aren't coming to the PS3. May sound a bit fanboyish but the truth is I was a big fan of Fallout 3 (only game I've gotten Platinum Trophy on btw). In fact I think I would've bought the DLC on day 1 without reading previews/reviews. But that's why I'm kinda happy. Because they both sucked (or so I hear) so I'm happy I didn't unleash my money on those DLC. As this DLC arrives I'm kinda burned out and I didn't even play the dang DLC. Even though this one is suppose to be the "saviour", at this point I don't care anymore.

JD_Shadow4239d ago

1. You didn't answer my question.
2. If they are not going to support the PS3 version, then why the hell did they release the game for the system in the first damn place? The extra stuff should be avaliable for all people who bought the game, not to just the privileged who have a ton of cash to throw around to the greedy just to screw an entire group of gamers. You treat gamers like sh!t after they spend their hard earned dollars supporting you by buying the game on the punished console, then this is what you get. It's shameful that one gets punished because they didn't buy the game on the RIGHT platform(s)
3. "First of all I don't need to prove to anyone I am a true gamer. Whatever the hell that even means. Some of you kids take this sh*t way too serious to worry about my opinion on this subject." You obviously care enough to post your rants ABOUT how others feel and try to rub it in their faces. You're the one picking the fight here. And plus, you're not a gamer because you're condoning this. Like I said, you seem to be happy that PS3 owners are getting screwed out of this content. Shouldn't this type of stuff be available to all gamers?
4. "You care enough to waste a comment about DLC for the 360 that was CLEAR it was exclusive for the system months before release." One, read point #2, and second, exclusive doesn't mean that the other system should get NOTHING! Where is the justification in THAT? THIS is why MS's business practices are so controversial, and why Bethesda is getting it from gamers who are sick to death of this. Sadly, neither Bethesda of the 360 fanboys give a sh!t about gamers. And what if we WANT the PS3 version for whatever reason we would have (maybe better friendships established on PSN, more stable hardware to play it on, we don't HAVE a 360 and/or have no intentions to buy one)? Should we be punished for that, too?

@JOY: You're not helping. The way that third parties treat every gamer fairly is if we stop condoning and endorsing sh!t like this. Though people are too immature sometimes to want to do that. What if it was the PS3 that was getting all this DLC for Fallout 3 while the 360 got nothing? What if the shoe was on the other foot? What would the outcry be from the other side?

JokesOnYou4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

"@JOY: You're not helping."

-Listen I'm not trying to help or hurt any group of gamers, I'm just simply saying there is nothing evil about this DLC. Its about a simple CHOICE, it was announced LONG BEFORE THE RELEASE OF F3 that the 360 version would be getting exclusive DLC. You chose to buy the ps3 version with NO PROMISE of add-on DLC, now you sound as if you have buyers remorse, furthermore your comments act as if Bethesda owes it to YOU(and ps3 owners) to make more content.= NO...again you got a complete package, I'm sure for many others who brought the ps3 version they are quite content with what they paid for because they already knew no DLC was announced. The fact that they are making expansion material that you knew before hand would come only to the 360 does not make you as a previous owner of the original version entitled to more, you got what you paid for and you also know that sony doesn't generaly "pay" for DLC as they have PUBLICLY shunned the practice many times.

Now once again your cries of "not caring about gamers" are ridiculous micro cares very much about 1 group of gamers and they could give a shiii about the other, I see sony being no different in that regard and why should they? So if micros strategy pisses you off and makes you hate the "Big Bad Evil Doers" and keeps you from ever buying a 360 then what have they lost?, I doubt they believe *gamers like you were EVER going to buy a 360 anyway.


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steck674239d ago

If Bethesda intends us to keep playing it, why dont they release the DLC on PS3 as well. I havent touched Fallout 3 for well over 5 months. Its a shame.

EastCoastSB4239d ago

Although I heard the last two DLC packs weren't that good, I REALLY want this one because of the changes to the game.

Pretty bummed that they're leaving the PS3 faithful out in the cold.

Eiffel4239d ago

Operation Anchorage was a bit iffy...although I did enjoy the extra weapons and items as well as getting armor early in the game. The Pitt was better.

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