N4G and GamerZines join forces

We (N4G) are happy to announce our newly formed partnership with
Cranberry Publishing Ltd, the publisher of emagazines P3Zine, 360Zine,
PCGZine, HGZine and PES Fanzine.

The emagazines themselves are completely free and don't require any
registration or special software, just the standard Adobe Reader
software (version 6 or above - also free - version 8 is recommended).
Each of the GamerZines are written by a team of professional games
journalists, whose names you'll recognise if you've read any of the UK's
games magazines in the last twenty years. The management team behind
GamerZines have all worked on some of the UK's biggest games and
technology magazines, and we are excited to now be working together with
such a talented team.

So how will this new partnership benefit you, the N4G members? For a
starter, you can now download all the Gamerzines magazines directly from, with new magazines available each month featuring exclusive
content which can not be found anywhere else. You can expect to see more
contests with cool prizes, and hopefully many of the Gamerzines readers
will join the N4G community.

I feel GamerZines is a very natural partner to N4G , and together we
will be able to further improve our services to the gaming community in
new ways which might not otherwise have been possible.

Click here to download the latest issues of the magazines directly from

Click here to visit

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BrotherSic4762d ago

Good work Dusty

can only improve the site and grow the community

Violater4762d ago

Would an online N4G chat room be possible?

Rasputin20114762d ago

Nice suggestion Violater...that would be real sweet.

kingboy4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Great! this is getting big

Syko4762d ago

Damn Dusty you are workin' it boy. selling your product all over the place. 2 more years this place will be the Starbucks of Online Gaming News. LOL. Good work, I will definitely check them out.

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The story is too old to be commented.