Eurogamer: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3

The delayed European launch has left the PlayStation 3 with something of a problem - a sizeable proportion of its debut games are already available on the Xbox 360. Indeed, the likes of Fight Night Round 3 have been maturing on the shelves for over a year, while many of the others debuted on the 360 over four months ago. Internet gossip and many online reviews also point to several of these PS3 conversions suffering in comparison to the 360 'originals', an astonishing state of affairs considering that Sony's hardware is newer technology with a price tag that dwarfs that of Microsoft's console.

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Mikey_Gee4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Why all this versus Sh1T "ALL THE TIME"

Man oh man, either play your 360 or your PS3 (or both) and enjoy it.

What is with all the "CONSTANT BACK AND FORTH"

-XBOX 360 VS PS3


-360 Screens VS PS3 Screens

-360 Game play VS PS3 Gameplay

-360 sales VS PS3 Sales

-360 launch results VS PS3 launch results

and on
and on
and on
and on
and on
and on
and FRICKEN ooooooooooon !!


soldier sean4759d ago

New consumers and late adopters should be able to get on the net and get this type of feedback about the two top performing next gen consoles out there so they can base their decision on something other than impulse buying (what many nintendoy fanboys use) .

Mikey_Gee4759d ago

.... in THEORY.

This would be FANTASTIC ....... "IF" the concious buyer could come here and get ADULT facts and debates and FACTUAL information rather than fanboyish sides of stories.

Anyone who just want to get straight up facts in what to buy and is SERIOUS about finding decent info without sifting through mountains of Crap will not find this forum of much use !!

Once again ... I will point to AVS which has very nice adult areas with normal debates and discussions.

Rasputin20114759d ago

This fanboy garbage is geeting sooooooooo old like honestly people buy & play what you like for whatever system you like and just keep in mind that we ALL have the same thing in common regardless of if we have a PS3 or 360 ....WE ALL LOVE TO GAME so why let what console we play divide us into seperate does not make any sense.

power of Green 4759d ago

It's a good thing for the consumers to know what they're investing so much money in and why. I don't cuss out the Satellite sales man when he calls my house talking down Cable making comparesons i just hang up(phone campanies also). Millions of consumers do care and they actually held off because Sony was going to deliver-pre launch. People do want the best for their money. My buddies dad just now replaced his Nintendo 64 with a 360 and he decided based on just what this articals about it has the same games i like and 360s cheaper.

dantesparda4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

We've had a few scuffles in the past, but im glad to see that you are growing up (no insult meant, so if i phrased that offensively, im sorry) and getting over this crap. It's true, its nonstop, day in and day out. And its true that it all seems very childish, and biased. Its fanaticisms at its best. And its gotten to the point where you cant even trust the intent of the article writers. Credibility is being lost

techie4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Although I agree...this is the first rigorous article.

And it shows that the differences between the graphics are negligible.

So finally all this "360 cross-platform games are superior to the ps3" can be finally be put to rest. They are comparable and in some places the 360 wins, and in others the ps3 wins.

So the ps3 is not worse for cross-platform games. They are the same. So if you weren't sure which version to buy if you have both, "the 360 is superior is better at cross-platform graphics" should be far from your mind - what should be there is "live" and "achievements".

Mikey_Gee4759d ago

.. yup, you and I have Locked Horns on more than one occasion on this forum. It is good to see WE HAVE BOTH moved up a few rungs on the ladder or NORMALITY in regards to this forum.


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Contra264759d ago

PS3 can't even put up a good fight

Black Republican4759d ago

It is very possible that at the end PS3 will be victorious.

I also think that the MAIN reason XBOX360 will win is because of it's 1year headstart.

The 1year head start has equalled into more consoles sold (logically) thus their are way more XBOX 360 users then PS3.

The SECONDARY reason IMO why XBOX360 will win is because this higher fan base/consoles owned will obviouslly cause multiplatform/exclusive & crossovers as we have already witnessed and read and at the least the xbox 360 will attract MANY MANY developers and game creators etc etc..

HOWEVER it isn't over until it's over,
even if we all like to admit it or not, wether you are a ps3/xbox 360 fanboy or just a gamer and not a fanboy.

We cannot deny that the Nintendo Wii is winning in monthly sales, we all say it wont last, that it will die down this Nintendo Hype but ever since launch Nintendo has maintained great sales for several months, yes you can say that Nintendo is not NEXT GEN, BUT at the end NINTENDO, XBOX, PLAYSTATION are all gaming consoles.

Mikey_Gee4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Prime example ... look at comment number 2


I rest my case.

Says you4759d ago

The PS3 has been putting a good fight considering its these
journalist and there misinformation about what they say about Sony and its the same thing with the media.

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