20Gb PS3 Coming Soon?

According to Amazon UK the 20GB PS3 may be in the UK sooner than we thought. It's just appeared on the website with a release date of "30 Oct 2007".

SPOnG contacted Sony to see if the UK will, in fact, be getting any lower end PS3s before the end of the year. While not giving a definite 'no,' Sony's head of UK PR, David Wilson, said of the 20GB console "I haven't seen any. We don't have any here."

The date shown on Amazon may well be a place holder. It would certainly be an odd choice by Sony to begin advertising the cheaper PS3 on the same day as the 60GB model goes on sale.

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gta_cb5248d ago

will the cheaper 20GB modell have the same backwards compatibility as the 60GB model in Europe?

if it doesnt, which means it has more PS2 titles which will work with it, then wont the PS3 owners that got the 60GB model be mad?

just wondering as loads of PS3 fanboys/owners said about XBox360 early adapters should be mad cos the new XBox360 elite. (im not trying to start a falmewar, just wondering).