Jack Thompson issues Biblical warning to potential Take Two investors

In a public letter sent to billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Strauss Zelnick of ZelnickMedia, Jack Thompson warns of the fate that awaits them should they take over operations at Take Two. In a word, that fate is "Jack."

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overrated4765d ago

JT Sit Down And Shut The Fuk Up, the only thing he has a point about is the selling of GTA and Manhunt to under age people but theres no surprise why that happened, there american :) the good ol U S Of A

anyway ye

add me on my PS3


MySwordIsHeavenly4765d ago

I'll add you dude! My gamertag's - pitiful

I'll see ya on the network.

Jack Thompson...should not be a Christian. He in no way represents what the Bible says on this subject. Yes, Grand Theft Auto is definitely not something Jesus approves of, but it's not driving our youth to kill! It's a parent's fault if their 5 year-old plays it! Bully was actually pretty clean, however. Manhunt 2's gonna freakin' rock!

Jack Thompson does NOT represent the Christian opinion on videogames; don't think he does. As part of a Christian group that reviews videogames, I know he's dead wrong on the subject. I just gotta represent m'Jesus...ya know?