So you've got a PlayStation 3 - Here's five things you must do with your new machine

So, you've spuffed the cash, lugged the heavy beast home and spent the last half an hour plugging in all the wires. What next?

Don't waste your time trying to figure it out, here's Gameradar's top five things you absolutely must do once your PlayStation 3 is operational. After burning your retinas into submission with whatever games you've snatched up, of course...

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ElementX4317d ago

#6 Take it back because you realize that you could save $200, buy a 360, and use your savings to buy 3 games?

overrated4317d ago

its not that hard to get the money for the Ps3, just get off your lazy @ss and get a job. no worrys is it.

Madmax12819804317d ago

I Have Noticed A Major Thing About The Ps3 And That Is The Firmware Updates Take Alot Longer To Download And Install And They Dont Promt U Like It Does On The 360 When U Power The Thing Up And The Demos Have To Be Installed After U D/L Them. Oh And Last Of All The Ps3 Gets Very Hot And More Than The 360.

gooner4317d ago

maybe so but the overheating never freezez it same cant be said for 360

Hymons4316d ago

Yet, my PS3 doesn't get hot. The fan actually works pretty well. I can touch the PS3 and it feels cool.. but the air surrounding it is warm. I dunno... :/ but I know it doesn't get as hot as the 360, only way it would do that is if you have the intercooler for the 360.

Just my Opinion

Bathyj4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

All the crying and moaning over price is summed up in tangable terms. All the extra features PS3 has built in and the price difference is 3 games. I buy 3 games every 2weeks, whats the big deal?

Hey BizkitGravy you look like Cliffy B. ;)
I agree by the way. The air coming out of the PS3 is very warm but the machine itself is very cool. I guess the fan is doing its job. I'm keeping mine well ventilated so it should be ok.

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Madmax12819804317d ago

My Bros Ps3 Crashed 3 Times Already While Playing And That Was On The Night He Got It.

gta_cb4317d ago

im not saying your lying, but people do lie about stuff to make the opposition look bad.

i know most XBox360s do have a overheating problem, IF you dont read the instructions which say some like, do not have it in an enclosed space. this is because the air flow and the generator gets hot, so if you have it near the XBox360 then there is more chance of it overheating. oh and btw if you have it in a combined space with no air flow, you aviod your warrenty lol. lucky for me i talked to the sales man when i brought mine and i got this information.

i sometimes play my XBox360 ALOT literaly sometimes i could play it 9hours straight if im bored and hant got work or not going out. and it never freezes, i dont have my windows open, i also have my computer on which is about 2metres away from the 360, and my room isnt that big.

So if you look after your 360 and dont put it in an enclosed space with no air flow, i dont think it really has a overheating problem.

my 360 has not frozen for about 3-4months (about november time)

Eric Shun4317d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Yea I was thinking of buying one when I was at EB games. The PS3 there didn't even work. The guy there said cause it was in an enclosed case. The case had ventilation holes all over. The 360 (about 10 ft to the side of the ps3) was in the same kind of case and worked fine.

I never thought I would see myself doing this, but I bought a 360. Sorry guys but wow its so addictive, and switching consols like that just opens up a whole new selection of games as opposed to the 19 games the ps3 has, 13 of them are out for the 360.

happygamer4317d ago

i was playing marvel alliance had ps3 on about 8 hours and it froze on me for about 3 mins and it just started working normal again. it scared me when it frozed up.

Kyur4ThePain4317d ago

It frozed up?
Are you sure?
Did it really frozed up?

Bathyj4317d ago

And PS3 is gorgeous in everyway. Anyone denying themselves one because of some sort of jevenile anger issuess is missing out a classy machine.

Funny you'se should bring up crashing.
I went to a Harvey Normal Store today to see a PS3 and an X360 running side by side and what people were saying about it. PS3 had a group of people standing around it waiting for a go of motorstorm. Everyone was acting a little shocked, that a game looked so good and was so much fun (and it is, I can testify). The reaction overall what really good and alot of the games were really cheap. No one was playing the X360 because it had 3 red rings. True story.

gooner4317d ago

and after me and my m8s had one go each it got them red lights and just shut of