Americas Sales for the Week Ending April 11, 2009

The DSi launch was enormous this week, but the rest of the videogame market was quite. Nintendo announced that the new DSi model sold 435,000 units in the United States within a single week of launch, bringing total DS sales in the Americas to over 600,000 units this week – already almost as much as what the platform sold in five weeks of March. PS2 sales were also marginally up from the previous week as this is the first full week the system was available at a price point of $100. The Xbox 360 also saw modest growth from last week on new releases. Wii, PSP, and PS3 saw modest declines.

Wii - 121,541
DS - 602,382
X360 - 74,345
PS3 - 47,290
PSP - 37,807
PS2 - 41,710

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table5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

whats up with the ps2. just keeps chugging along, it will easily exceed 10year life span.

Cant get my head around so many people wanting the DS.

HarukoHex5338d ago

the DSi just came out, most of the sells don't mean much since most people are trading in there DSlite for the DSi 70$ special, some people even did 2 trades to get it. so in the end, the overall systems out there is the same, or just about.

as for the ps2, why shouldn't it sell, most people who can't afford to buy the pricy next gen systems get last gens gems, and still enjoy them, they may get a next gen system after this gen is done. mainly because the kids will buy it themselfs and not have to rely on the parents.

ceedubya95337d ago

But since my 60 gig PS3 is working again, I opted out of doing so. Its still a hard deal to pass up though. So many good games, some of which can be had for about 10 bucks at Gamestop. I'm about to go on a PS2 binge buying session pretty soon.

table5337d ago

same here about the ps2 binge. when I go to uni in september i'll be taking a ps2 with me because there are still games I missed from last gen. Specifically, God of War!

darthv725337d ago

is really better than I expected. I like it and still have my origina as well as lite if I want to play guitar hero. A nice upgrade that people should really give a try before passing judgment.

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News4fanboys5337d ago

sweet,ps3 only behind 360 27 thousand units... not freakin bad at all.

and im still glad psp is hangin in there despite the piracy rate over here.

also im not suprised but non the less happy for the ps2 for still grabbing its legs and moving along like its a simple walk in the park.

PS: you guys remem ber the story of the race between the turtle and the hare? well,thats how the race between the ps3 and 360 is going.. ps3 bieng the turtle and 360 the Hare.

if you disagree with me then your eith er a fanboy or are to young and dumb to understand that story i quess.

DelbertGrady5337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

Isn't the turtle supposed to be catching up at some point in time? The PS3 is only slipping further behind, widening the gap. It's sold worse this year compared to 2008.

JOLLY15337d ago

The problem with your theory is the ps3 just keeps losing ground. Maybe after Microsoft stops producing the 360, maybe then the ps3 could catch up.

happyface5337d ago

the sony ps3 will start to outsell the 360 by a lot once INFAMOUS comes out

thats the next big AAAA sony game in case you haven't heard of it

but if INFAMOUS fails then UNCHARTED 2 will do it fo sho

Anon19745337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

It continues to puzzle me. Hi-End TV's don't sell as much as lower end TV's, and yet no one looks at sales for the high end products, compares them to the low end tv's and then goes "OMG! Those hi-end products really need to do something! They're failing badly!"
And yet anti-Sony nutters do this all the time with the PS3 for some reason.
Face it, the PS3 sells less because it does more and is thusly higher priced. I know I didn't buy my PS3 (either of them) because I wanted another gaming system. I bought them because they were gaming systems plus so much more. Comparing PS3 sales to Wii to 360 makes about as much sense as comparing the Honda Civic sales to Porshe sales. Sure they're both cars, but they're not really the same thing now, are they?

On top of those factors, the PS3 has been hitting it's ship targets, is being adopted by consumers much quicker than the 360 ever did and also managed to tie the 360 in sales worldwide for both 2007 and 2008 according the company's official ship numbers. To me, that's incredible considering we are talking about a higher end product twice the price of the competition during the worst economic crisis seen in decades. And for almost a year in 2008 prior to the 360's price cut it outsold the 360.

You want the real storey? Why is the 360, a much more capable system than the Wii, being spanked month after month despite having a huge cost advantage? Why on earth isn't the 360 selling more?

News4fanboys5337d ago

/facepalm/ You 2 truly do not understand that story.

its pointless explaining if you cant comprehend it,you must be 2 young.

anywho play beyond 360

JOLLY15337d ago

As it stands the ps3 is roughly 8,000,000 units behind. If Microsoft stops producing the 360 today...........it would take years for the ps3 to catch it at the momentum it has right now. Lets say the ps3 sells 500,000 a month every month (by the way I am being very generous here) it would take the ps3 16 months to catch the 360. That is almost a year and a half. Every month the 360 sales more the ps3 gets even further behind. After the 360 finishes the race (the rabbit) then the ps3 (the turtle) will pass it. That is after the 360 dies.

ceedubya95337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

That was sarcasm right? If not, you can't really be serious are you?

Don't make that mistake in thinking that yet another AAA Sony exclusive is going to make the PS3 outsell the 360. We've heard many times already. It has only happened with Metal Gear Solid 4 and a PS3 price drop. Why will this new IP have more console selling power than Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, because that's basically what you are saying.

And I'm not dumping on Infamous at all. I'm actually looking forward to the game. But I don't feel confident enough to place a tag on this game as being a console seller.

But to tell you the truth, I think I just missed your sarcasm there. and didn't need to write all of that. lol

xwabbit5337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

Who cares about catching up ? If you look at the NPD sales PS3 has sold more than the 360 in the same time frame and its twice the price, that's sad and the 360 has been in the market for 16 months more compared to the PS3

Anon19745337d ago

First off, who says the PS3 has to catch up to the 360? I've used this analogy before and it fits. If you have to judge a race between two racers and one runs a race today and the other runs the same race tomorrow, does the racer who finishes the race today win or is the winner the one who races the same distance the fastest?

The PS3 is selling much faster than the 360 ever did overall, that's no secret and 2007 and 2008 even had both consoles neck and neck in sales. Seeing that no one is saying the 360 is a sales failure, why is the same criticism always leveled at the PS3?

JOLLY15337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

When the ps3 came to market the 360 had 8 mil sold. Now there are 8 mil more 360's than ps3's. From this spot the look like they rae the exact same.

P.S. Darke ride, I was just helping the guy out with his rabbit turtle race stuff. I don't really care who wins. I am completely satisfied with my console of choice

soxfan20055337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

@4.8 & 4.9

There are 2 ways of measuring "same timeframe" sales. If you measure PS3's first 2 years versus 360's first 2 years, PS3 is ahead. But, the 360's 3rd year was it's best, and is most relevant because it's the most recent. That is why this arguement is invalid - it considers ALL PS3 sales while ignoring the 360's best sales year.

I could counter your "same timeframe" arguement by comparing PS3's sales since launch to 360's sales during the same period (Nov. 2006 - present). In that identical timeframe, 360 is ahead. In this scenario, you can just start each console at zero on PS3's launch day.

soxfan20055337d ago


Your "Honda vs. Porsche" comparison is ridiculous. The 360 and PS3 are nearly identical in performance. Nearly 80% of the games for each console are multi-platform, and they look and play exactly the same on both consoles. PS3 has a slight edge in graphics on it's exclusives, but that's it as far as system performance goes.

This is more like a BMW vs. Porsche race. Each competitor has it's advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, they perform about the same. And they both get outsold by Hyundai.

Anon19745337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

Take the first year of PS3 sales vs 360 sales. PS3 sold faster. Take two years of data. PS3 still sold faster over that period. How about since the PS3 launched to the present or approx 128 weeks vs the 360's first 128 weeks. Oh, look at that. The PS3 has still sold 3 million consoles more in that time frame.

When we have data on the PS3's 3rd year, maybe then we'll compare it to the 360's 3rd year and see how it stacks up. Until the time there's something to compare that data too, I don't see how it's relevant.

If you really want to knock yourself out because the 360 had such a great 3rd year...why don't you compare calendar year 2008 for both consoles. Oh...look at that. Dead even. What did that prove?

And the Honda/Porshe things isn't ridiculous. Does the 360 double as a Blu-Ray player? Divx Player? Social networking Hub? DVD upscaler? Does it support Dolby True HD? Dolby 7.1? Can you buy movies on the 360 as opposed to just renting? Does it link up to your PSP? Can you surf the net? How about hardware reliability?

Sure the 360 and PS3 play similar games, just like both the Civic and Porshe will get you from point A to point B. You arguing that there's no difference though is ridiculous. Try going on a car forum sometime and try arguing that the Civic and Porsche are the same because they're both cars and both get you to where you're going. You'd rightly be dismissed as a nutter.
It's not at all like BMW vs. Porsche. It's more like a BMW vs a RV with a hottube, big screen, minibar, waveless waterbed, sat phone, etc..etc..

JOLLY15337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

one costs you more, but some people may think you are "cooler." My STi will still stomp a dump load of Porsches at a much lower price point.

xwabbit5337d ago

This guys cant seem to get it huh, or they don't want to accept it apparently.

JOLLY15337d ago

by "this guys", do you mean "these guys" or do you mean "this guy"?

soxfan20055337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

@ Darkride

"When we have data on the PS3's 3rd year, maybe then we'll compare it to the 360's 3rd year and see how it stacks up. Until the time there's something to compare that data too, I don't see how it's relevant."

So, the 360's best sales year is irrelevant because there is nothing to compare it to? Whether you choose to accept it or not, those 360 sales did, in fact, happen. Basically, your arguements in favor of PS3 revolve mainly around ignoring 360's sales and pretending they don't exist simply because PS3 and 360's launches don't align equally. All of your sales comparisons are conveniently set up as to exclude the 360's highest sales period.

And, the Porsche vs. Honda thing IS ridiculous. You try going on a car forum and convincing anyone that a Honda could keep pace with a Porsche in a race - because the Honda (360 as you call it) is doing just that.

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-MoOkS-5337d ago

The ps3 is off to a roaring start, must be all those "huge" exclusive titles pushing sales....

JOLLY15337d ago

You guys are mean. the ps3 is trying. It's like punching the kids on the shorter buses, it just isn't fair.

happyface5337d ago

why are you making comments like this on a pro Sony website??

Anon19745337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

It's not so much a "pro-Sony" site as it's not another "anti-Sony" site. I think N4G is much more of a site for actual gamers.

So many sites out there are so over-run by the anti-Sony masses that legitimate gamer debate is simply drown out in a sea of 360 fan chest thumping. On a site like this where gamer debate is possible, it's easy to consider it "pro-Sony" simply because it isn't so harshly "anti-Sony" as most gaming sites from the US. This shouldn't be that surprising when you consider that in the US the 360 has almost double the amount of users as Sony. Of course US sites are going to cater to that particular audience.
Take this example regarding the "360 GOTY bundle"
The majority of the talkback is even discussion from gamers. If this was such a "pro-Sony" site, wouldn't it be flooded with Sony fans trying to take down the 360 a peg? It's not.