PS3 Dominates [email protected]

PlayStation 3 users around the world have found a completely new way to kick ass online. Take a look at the performance statistics for the [email protected] program as of 8am Eastern this morning:


PS3 triples [email protected] computing power.


I will also try to add an updated chart.EDIT: Couldn't upload the chart, so I copy and pasted below. Sorry It looks odd, but I had to add the lines to keep the numbers seperated.

OS Type--------Current TFLOPS*--------Active CPUs----------Total CPUs
Mac OS X/PowerPC------7------------------8716-----------------95341
Mac OS X/Intel--------8--------------------------2716----------------7216

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nix5249d ago

to read the comments on that page. everyone talks about how long they left their machine on and well... you know what comes next - the comparision. q:

Chagy5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

playing 360 now thats a tru gamer right there

yes how sad i bought a $600 machine told fold while playing 360 :-(. who cares i love both my consoles :-).

Ps30075249d ago

As of late your console aint looking to good. Microsoft has done everything to show they are nervous. What more can they add to live? With this new 360 that im sure most Ps3 fans are enjoying, where does that leave the 1st 10 million? As gerbils.. Nothing but test rats. Ill be picking up my black 360 to go with my black Ps3. Those are the real next gen consoles.

The wii60 stuff, old news and outdated. Enjoy your 20gb or rather 14gb console LMAO...

Ill take my $630 folding machine, High Def Movie Player, Browser, computer, oh and it manages to play games to... Quite well.. Cant wait for Ninja Gaiden!

HuntingYou5248d ago

so thats how u say it without using swares. i would have lost another bubble

SKUD5249d ago

I couldn't fold for too long since i had to go to work. Pretty kool though.

shysun5249d ago

I folded while I was @ work.12hours last night.My Ps3 was fine.

sajj3165249d ago

I actually like this concept. It isn't about games anymore as it is a 'computer entertainment system' (thank you Ken K). Now, I don't exactly know how 'folding' is 'entertainment' but its still a good use of the system distributed networking features of CELL. I could see celebrities jumping all over this thing like the Toyota Prius cause they are helping out a good cause.

This is only going to get good press but someone Xbox fanatics have the knack for negative 'spin'. As much as I love my 360, I don't see anything like this on it. And you know what, I shouldn't because its a 'gaming' machine. I respect that (reason I bought it). Please respect my right to fold. I can fold overnight. I can fold while drinking coffee. I can even fold during sex. Thank you Sony for giving me that option. I LOVE TO FOLD! FOLD FOR THE FUTURE! Heck, if it helps you Xbox fanactics 50 years from now when you hit a road block with some form of degenerative disease ... I'm willing to do it. WHY, cause I LOVE TO FOLD! SPIN THAT!

CaliGamer5249d ago

I folded some clothes last night after I got them out of the dryer, they were all nice and warm.... oh.
I did it for a while, it was just like SETI @ Home. Seems like a noble thing to do if you have time, I'm always down for some research that might help humanity. Very cool feature.

Torch5249d ago

With not a smidgen of an issue. Some folding and some playing.

Though I could swear it's a helluva lot hotter in that room now.

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The story is too old to be commented.