SCEA: "We've captured the hardcore" with PS3, will push for casual later this year

VG247: Sony has told VG247 that it's "captured the hardcore" with PS3, and while it will serve that central user with titles such as Heavy Rain and God of War III later this year, it plans on pushing further into the casual space with the console.

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DavidMacDougall4204d ago

I love being true hardcore!!

4204d ago
ultimolu4204d ago

Shadow...behave yourself. :x

Anyway, I love me some casual. Just don't go overboard Sony.

Tempist4204d ago

Find this a little tough to swollow since you can't capture a causal market at hardcore prices. There's enough well thought out casual content available on the PS3 as is, but the price for the system isn't there.

Milky4204d ago

Eyepet looked fun, lets get that out this year sony!

I_am_rushin4204d ago

I'm sure they mean Eyepet by the casual audience.

Lifendz4204d ago

Just started streaming files from my computer to my PS3. Yeah, this system is so teh awesomes.

Hardcore for the win!

Aquanox4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Sony certainly has a more than decent share of the hardcore population, which raises the question though, as why this population isn't buying their most hyped games (i.e. LBP, Killzone 2, Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2) whereas they do buy 3rd party ones (SF4, RE5)

If Sony wants to go in a hunt for the casuals they better consider what else they need to do to keep pushing the hardcore market, currently dominated by Microsoft and also, perform a $100 price cut to be in reach for the casuals.

v1c1ous4204d ago

sony fired their PR company of many years for the one we currently have now.

Is the new PR company better/worse?

raztad4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )


You are right. Sony can pull out a lot of casual aimed games but the price (both console and games) is really an issue for the casual audience. In this sense I dont expect any relevant casual stuff to come out before the PS3 price cut.

Casual games are much more about the right gameplay and less about graphics, so I expect them to be less expensive and faster to produce. Perhaps some titles could go the cheaper PSN exclusive way and only the bigger ones retail. A 300$ PS3 bundled with a retail casual game and a voucher to another PSN's could work wonders :D.

Sony is getting ready for a two fronts war, that fight will be long and interesting to watch. Meanwhile, just keep the amazing games coming!

edgeofblade4204d ago

Hey, W. Bush must be consulting for Sony now that he left the white house. I wonder if Sony delivered this edict from the deck of an aircraft carrier. "Mission Accomplished", my ass.

You can't just say you captured the hardcore... until you actually do.

edgeofblade4204d ago


My 360 streams from my NAS drive better than my PS3 about half the time. The other half, they work the same. I usually stream from the PS3 anyway because I like the BT remote, but I've never seen the 360 fail to stream something the PS3 can, but the PS3 has choked on plenty of files the 360 streamed just fine.

Just because Sony says they are a better streaming media hub doesn't mean they are.

xwabbit4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

IMO Ps3 was always for the hardcore gamer, its the only platform where their exclusives have more than 5 vs 5 battles

Just because you have that prob doesn't mean every 1 has it, cus I'm always sending crap to my PS3 with no probs

whoelse4204d ago

If they want to capture the casual market, they have to cut the price!

Freak of Nature4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Personally I am a "hardcore" gamer,but.....

It's a business,and Sony do need to look into casual games.

Thing is they have to an extent,look at buzz and singstar...Eye pet will be in full blown unveiling mode at E3,me predicts...

Family party games are just around the corner...

You want casuals? "Price cut",is 80%+ of the battle...

What I dont like is that these casual games may take a piece or even "chunk" of my hardcore gaming away from me... Not this year or even next year so much,but slowly but surely casual games could take small bites out of the amount of hardcore games,until a few years from now we will only get a small choice of hardcore games....

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Sony Rep4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Price cut, blu-ray, casual games like Eye Pet, Singstar, Buzz, and Little Big Planet

Family Friendly titles such as Uncharted, inFamous, and Ratchet & Clank- all rated "E" through "T"

miniduf14204d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love Uncharted. BUT it is definitely not a family friendly title. Its family friendly title as much as Fallout 3 is the feel good video game of the year.

zootang4204d ago

I think this could be a hint at Persona 5. Forget about Final fantasy it's All about persona's

It would be a great exclusive!

Shane Kim4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

I really think that the PS3 has alot more hardcore fans to capture. They just need to do something about the price. I know so many people that want the PS3 so bad but are just frightened of the PS3's price. Here in Swe the cheapest PS3 still cost $500+ while the 360 is around $200-250 (for the arcade). My friends call me rich for owning a PS3 and that raises an eyebrow if you are called rich just because you bought a PS3.

I think games like LBP was a brilliant move by Sony, couse I had my sister and GF screaming for that game even though non of them like videogames in particular. And I can only imagine that there are ALOT more people then just them. But the avarge dad with a meium income won't dish out $500+ just for a PS3 and LBP. If they want the casual and to some extend the hardcore market, Sony has to slash the price.

ultimolu4204d ago

Yeah, it does need a pricecut.
My uncle wants one (Uncharted bundle) but he says it's too pricey for him.

Mindboggle4204d ago

I totally agree. LBP is definetly the first step in reaching that casual market, but with the price so high, its not going to kick off. I think if they were to drop the price by £100/$100 then people would be more motivated to buy and with some more casual games then they could really increase those sales. Plus they would be bringing in more hardcore gamers, because from people ive asked, its not that they dont want a PS3, its just to expensive, and that includes people who have 360s.

Menchi4204d ago

Why am I worried about this?

Nintendo and MS both did a casual swan dive at last years E3. If Sony intends to do the same this year, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

Stick to what you've been doing Sony, great games, for gamers. Don't ditch us.

Chuk_Chuk4204d ago

"We’re moving on now to continue to support them with a tremendous line-up of games"

Fishy Fingers4204d ago

Sony have always catered to as many different demographics as possible. Didn't result in any shortage for the "hardcore" back in the PS1/2 days. PS3 shouldnt be any different.

Zeal0t4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

i couldn't care less about the casual side of gaming, although i like me some buzz from time to time.