G4tv: Can The PS3 Survive Without Exclusives?

Join Kevin, Shane (from 1up) and Mike as they discuss how the decreasing number of exclusive titles will affect the PS3's future

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overrated4760d ago

but again who cares? only fanboys

add me lets go play it


consolewar4760d ago

What kind of a question is this?
Anyway I dont think this applies here, the Ps3 is failling cause somebody really screwed up.

Imknow14760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

But I doubt the install base for the PS3 won't be as grand as the previous two system which claimed their success by third parties making exclusives for the PS1/PS2 :D

Covenant4760d ago


Exclusives help drive console sales, among other things. Thinks about how many Xboxes and Live accounts MS sold after Halo 2 launched.

Imagine this: Average Consumer wants DMC4. Average Consumer sees game available on both 360 and PS3. Average Consumer sees $200 price difference between 360 and PS3. Average Consumer doesn't know Blu-Ray from a blueberry. Average Consumer will likely buy the 360.

Now, if Average Consumer sees FFXIII on PS3 only, then the price may not make a difference. Same with the customers who see the PS3 as a cheap Blu-Ray player.

But exclusives help. Make no mistake about that. I personally sold nearly 150 XBox 360s during Christmas. Nearly every one of them had Gears of War attached.

Contra264760d ago

PS3 is trash....

in all aspects.... it can't even beat VIVA PINATA.

HALO will crush the PS3 once and for all...


THAMMER14760d ago

At this point because of XBL and achievements all 2nd & 3rd party titles are for the 360. So they need a serious Gears of War type exclusive that will drive sales. If not they are in for an even more troubled generation then it has already been.

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The story is too old to be commented.