Terminator Salvation gameplay trailer

WB has released a new gameplay footage for Terminator Salvation.

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inbetweener4181d ago

That looks surprisingly awesome. Reminiscent of those 8 days animation test videos.

Doppy4181d ago

Wow I wasn't expecting that. It looks like Wanted, but much better.

JokesOnYou4181d ago

Where did that come from? I never payed any attention to this game but that vid looks great, pretty interesting, I want a demo or a few good reviews and I might just pick this game up.


yoshiroaka4181d ago

Looks pretty good but trailers can make anything look good.
Been burned too many times in the past p_q.

Ill wait for a playable demo before getting excited.

joydestroy4181d ago

agreed. this game wasn't on my radar until now. looks to be at least worth a rent. only gripe i have is that all the enemies were basically the same.

na2ru14181d ago

And im amazed at how awesome this looks

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bullswar4181d ago

Even though this game is designed using Unreal Engine 3 ... What seperates and makes it better from any other UE3 built game is Warner Brothers expertise in choosing the right color schemes/pallete.

Unlike Gears of War Series where you can only see different shades of gray or brown. This game gives far more feel of realism at the same time using all color details in graphics.

Gears of War developers .... for God Sake we want realism in graphics but not on the count of losing all color details. Hire some artist who actually know to built using more color details other thn different shades of gray or brown.

All-34181d ago

It's not a choice between "realistic graphics vs color" ... Mirror's Edge used the Unreal Engine too you know.

It's a design choice --> not an Ureal Engine --> limitation!

lowcarb4181d ago

Gears2 looks perfectly fine so please quit bashing it. This looks great so let's just leave it at that.

ar4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

It's not the UE3. It's GRIN's own engine named Diesel. The same they use for Wanted, BC and BC:R.

bullswar4181d ago

Ill be actually buyin this game. This game definately looks interesting.

Diselage4181d ago

May actually be decent but i still doubt it.


i have to say i agree. it actually looks very good. i can see they got the whole cover thing going. the animation seems quite good.

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The story is too old to be commented.