Blood of Bahamut - New screenshots

Square Enix published another batch of new amazing screenshots from Blood of Bahamut. Check them out.

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Supercalifragili4181d ago

This remindes me Shadow of the Colossus. Great graphics.

labwarrior4181d ago

The "amazing" comment is rather sily, since the pics look horrid

Hisiru4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

these are great graphics, and not only for a handheld. This game looks pretty good, have a good texture, good colors, the images are distorted, but is because the DS have a small screen, and when going for a large image it suffers much loss of quality, you dont know that?

i love that kind of graphic (mix of 2D with 3D) or a full 2D colored very well, and i hate RPG full 3D in third person like lineage 2, or wow, or something like that. And because of this, despite having a 360, I need a handheld for the type of graphic that I like in RPG.

I think "great graphics" is something that only the person itself can set

S M N4181d ago

boobs of the colossus !

The Great Melon4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Your comment got me thinking. It wood be funny if a developer used the gap between the screens to censor things. Just a thought.

jc485734181d ago

wow nice graphics for a handheld.

hay4181d ago

Hmm, Shadow of Colossus RPG?...

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