MS: PS3 line-up too focused on shooters and driving

The PlayStation 3 doesn't have a games portfolio for audiences such as families and kids, says Stephen McGill, Microsoft's head of gaming and Entertainment and Devises Division UK.

"If you look at the PS3 line-up it's quite heavy in shooters and drivers," McGill told CVG in a recent interview. "I'm pleased to say that our portfolio is quite appealing to the masses".

"We've got a great portfolio of games for kids, families, mums and girls", he continues. "As you come into Christmas I think you'll see our portfolio expand to over 300 titles with all the biggest franchises that everyone will want".

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nix4759d ago

ha ha ha... this was really funny. i thought 360 was known as a shooter's console! q:

does this guy even listen to what people say in market???

power of Green 4759d ago

It "WAS" untill MS worked on diversity haven't you been paying attention!?, the hole industry has been buzzing!!!!!!!! about all the new types and evolved genre's for the 360 where have you been!.

consolewar4759d ago

coming from the number 1 console for shooters it really hurts, this time around they seem to be doing a better job. Unlike you know who. It's a shame because you cant really enjoy this games the freaking thing freezes all the time.

nix4758d ago

you are worst than McGill. you're not even listening properly to what i had said. i said, "...what people say in 'market'?" general people - if you didn't get that. you and i know what they have... but everytime someone talks about xbox they used to say - Halo and now it's Gears of War. that's why the perception of people about xbox is different. so blaming ps3 for focusing on shooters and driving is just too funny.

now please don't get into stupid arguement and please don't paste the whole list of games from xbox.

and please for heaven's sake xbox360 has got a controller whose button looks like triggers. give me a break!

edit: just realised you had already pasted it. lol!

BrotherSic4759d ago

to be fair i would agree with him on the current PS3 line up. That will change as more games are released though.

zonetrooper54759d ago

Lol this will become one wholesome flamebait but its funny to read peoples comment, as for the PS3 having more shooters and more driving games, i think PS3 has more sports games to be honest.

MikeGdaGod4759d ago

i thought this was REALLY funny

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The story is too old to be commented.